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Clean Up With Construction Site Clean-up Opportunities

New construction cleanup and construction cleaning jobs are available in almost any location. A business letter from a janitorial service or commercial cleaning company to the main office of the general contractor is how to get the ball rolling. An introductory letter requesting to have your company placed on their bidders list, along with a copy of your insurance and business licenses, construction industry references with phone numbers and some documentation of your abilities seems to go a long way. But thats only the first step of many. A flyer or brochure will easily address your abilities. Construction site cleaning opportunities happen quickly and will go to the post construction cleaning company with all the paperwork completed and in place.

How to bid final, post or after construction cleaning is the question most janitorial companies seem to be interested in, but that challenge wont be addressed correctly until you shake the hand of the Site Superintendant or Project Manager. The key to working with construction contractors consistently is the contractors perception that you are familiar with their requirements and that you can accomplish them on a strict time schedule and in an uneventful manner. It would be smart to establish a new d.b.a. with a construction related name (i.e. Sparkle Cleaning d.b.a. Site Cleaning Support). Go to Home Depot and get a white hard hat ($10.00?) and a reflective safety vest ($10.00?). Go to an ad specialties store, get a work shirt and have them embroider your company name on it. Have them letter the hard hat and the vest with the same name also. Office Depot makes quick no frills business cards for about $10.00 for a hundred. Have some conservative basic cards made. Jeans and work boots are a must. On a construction site, the person from Site Cleaning Support with the uniform, hard hat and safety vest will quickly get an invitation to bid. The person from Sparkle Cleaning, with the pink flowers and bubbles business card, will either get punched in the nose or receive the kind of attention they dont want! When you visit the site for the first time, look for the construction office trailer. Identify yourself as a contractor and ask for the Superintendant or Project Manager. Dont try to sell anyone else, this is very important. Only speak with the Super, PM or their administrative staff in the office trailer. Contractors disrupting the flow of work on a site are a problem, will be asked to leave the site and will not be asked to bid. Your first statement to the PM should be: Hi, Im a cleaning contractor and Im interested in competing for work on this project. Shortly after that you should say: I know youre very busy and I wont take up your time right now, but I do want to be considered when the time is right. Whats your turn over date? and then Our paperwork is already of file at your office and so I dont pester you, what would be a good approximate date to stop back? Shake their hand, leave a card and maybe a flyer and then get off their site.

When you start to put together a post construction cleaning company business plan, its important to understand the opportunities available with construction site clean up. More importantly, its mandatory to understand the scope of work pending, and the time frames available for that work in the Project Managers mind, regarding cleaning on his site. Basic new structure cleaning is a given and can be addressed in two ways depending on the sites needs. It can be contracted to be done all at one time or in phases as the site progresses. Heres a simple example of three phase cleaning for a residential construction cleanup proposal:

Phase one Rough Clean
A phase one cleaning may be requested by the GC after the framing, plumbing and electrical have been inspected and completed. This phase may be done before or after the sheetrock has been installed or what is also considered the dried in stage. The phase one cleaning will consist of the removal of large debris and trash, stickers will be removed from windows and the unit will be swept out. This phase will help prepare for the incoming subs for painting, flooring, fixtures and cabinetry.

Phase two Prep Clean
A phase two cleaning will be requested prior to the GCs inspection leading to the final punch list for all contractors. This phase will consist of a detailed cleaning of the kitchen and restrooms to include: sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, countertops and cabinets. This phase includes removal of any stickers remaining on the appliances, fixtures, cabinets and windows. Cleaning baseboards, light fixtures, door frames, interior windows, window ledges, mirrors, floors vacuumed and mopped as necessary to prepare for the punch list. Important note: At this point of the construction process, various contractors may be still returning to the unit to address concerns. Phase two should be scheduled after their concerns have been addressed. Phase two cleaning items requested after the phase two cleaning has been completed and approved will be provided at an additional charge.

Phase three Punch Clean or Final Clean
A phase three cleaning during a post construction clean will be requested after the GCs inspections have taken place and no other subs will be entering into the unit. In this phase, all touch ups will be addressed and everything will be considered move in ready. The effort will finalize with the garage being swept, carpet vacuumed, floors mopped and any dust still remaining will be addressed. When this phase is approved, the site cleaning effort for this unit will be considered complete.

The template construction bid example above is an intelligent way to avoid one of the major pitfalls of the construction site cleaning business. Addressing a site in phases allows the new construction cleanup company to have their completed worked signed off as: work complete, no additional work required. With sub-contractors perpetually returning to a unit under construction to continue their work, the commercial cleaning companys work is often overlooked. The Site Superintendent will ask the cleaning company to return and touch up their work over and over again without an offer of payment for the additional work. The cleaning contractor should have each phase of cleaning signed off as complete and no additional work required by the Site Superintendent. With larger sites, and multi-unit sites, each unit should be signed off separately and as quickly as possible after completion of the cleaning. An individual charge for each unit, per phase, helps with invoicing and documents pricing if the Superintendent requests a re-clean. Large amounts of money can be made with re-cleans when a sites scheduling isnt well planned by the general contractor.

A construction cleanup proposal can address a lot more then basic cleaning and the rates for construction cleanup project work (i.e. floor and carpet care) may be very attractive. There is an art to projecting a post construction cleaning business plan and its found in the Superintendants view of the scope of work and his costs therein. He has a budget projection, and his view of that budget projection, for all his cleaning requirements and its broken down by tasks. Basic cleaning is one task, but he may view it as hiring cheap labor from one of the temp agencies for the rough clean and then hiring a contractor for the final clean. He also has a budget, and an opinion of that budget for floor care, carpet care, excess height cleaning and high pressure washing. Construction cleaning jobs can be contracted hourly or in total flat rate. Understanding the Superintendents view and goal is what counts in writing bidding sites that win.

Rates for construction cleanup floor care, carpet care, excessive height cleaning and high pressure washing are typically higher than the prices charged for existing structure work. Thats just the way their budgets work. It doesnt really make sense, because working with a new floor or carpet is quite a bit easier, so this is where the construction cleaning company should make their profit. When pricing post construction cleaning jobs, you should consider making your general labor charges competitive with the temp agency rate, but project that rate for the amount of hours the superintendent expects the unskilled labor to complete the task in. This will offer the Superintendent skilled and supervised labor, instead of temp agency labor, at an attractive rate and if you follow the sign-off sheet suggestions above you should still make substantial profit. Your experienced staff can complete the tasks in a shorter time frame than the Superintendent will be expecting to pay the temp agency by the hour. You charge by the completed task. Your competitive general cleaning rates are the hook and the expensive project work is the brass ring. This can prove to be an incredible windfall due to excessive amount of square footage at some of these construction site clean up projects.

Pricing post construction cleaning jobs with the intent of making serious profit on the total job, while protecting profit in each individual task of the project, is an acquired skill and should be studied at length. Learning how to bid final, post or after construction cleaning takes more than reading a sample contract for a janitorial service or a template construction bid example. Template construction bid examples are available on-line and researching them should be a major part of your post construction cleaning company business plan. A business letter and janitorial service literature are also available to research for your post construction cleaning company business plan, but it really takes walking the site, speaking with their people in charge, and internalizing the actual work necessary to find your profit. How to bid final, post or after construction cleaning is a skill well worth taking the time to investigate.

Construction Company In Haiti

If you are building a new house in Port-au-Prince Haiti, you face one critical decision upfront and that is: which of the many construction companies available in Haiti, can provide you with the building expertise that you need?

Construction companies in Haiti vary widely. There are specialist residential and commercial builders located throughout the country with distinctive building styles, qualities and home building solutions. Part of finding the best residential building firm requires you to invest considerable time researching what is available.

You need to find a construction company in Haiti who can provide you with experience, top-rate service, and the best skills in the industry. You should also consider your budget and location. Some builders will only work in designated regional areas, while others will build anywhere that you see fit.

By finding a construction company in Haiti that offers land and home packages, you can often get everything at once and save time and hassle. Purchasing land and then finding a builder takes a lot of work, but working with a reputable building firm who offers both will eliminate much of the effort in that process.

The first thing you need to know when contracting one or the other construction company is the type of materials they are using. If they are using only cheap materials, do not offer you too many alternatives or simply refuse to use one material that you suggested, you should not sign a contract with that company. Remember that the house you are building must last long time from its construction, so you would not want to sacrifice your safety and comfort by using cheap or low quality materials. Even if your budget is really tight, the construction materials are not something you can sacrifice.

The company that you decide to go with should have great experience in doing commercial architect. You should depend on your contractor to take some of the weight off of your shoulders. The commercial construction business that you finally choose to make your dream a reality should have the right qualifications that will meet your needs.

The contractor should be able to handle the permits, environmental review, engineering, architecture and the construction. It may seem like a lot but that is what they are here to do. So when the contractor has a permanent phone line. Having you and your contractor on the same page will helps things move much quicker and smoother. Stay on top of what is going on, if there is something that is not being done the way that you had envisioned then you can have it corrected before it is too late.

Answers for all the above questions


Russian Construction Industry Is Set To Resume Growth

Whereas Russias economy is believed to have recovered already from the crisis, the construction industry is set to resume growth in the upcoming months, which is evidenced by the growing value of construction contracts signed. While the residential and non-residential markets remain subdued, construction activity in the country is being boosted by infrastructure development. In the short term, projects related to the Sochi Olympics and the Vladivostok APEC Summit are of greatest importance, and in the medium and long term, the construction sector will be fostered by the need to build stadiums, hotels and the necessary transport infrastructure for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

In order to capitalize on new opportunities driven by the current expansion and upcoming events in Russia, you need direct access to the latest news, sharpest analysis, most reliable statistics and knowledgeable forecasting available. Read Construction sector in Russia H1 2011, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2013 today, and refer to this new report from PMR on a regular basis as you monitor market expansion and contemplate new business strategies.

In depth analysis of all the latest developments in residential, non-residential and civil engineering construction, current assessments of market size, value, prices of equipment and materials, legal conditions, planned contracts and investments can be found within these pages, along with the trend analysis and forecasts essential to success in the coming years. Wide in scope and unique in origin, this document takes readers inside the world of Russian construction for a close up view of the market regardless of their country of origin.

Major market players are brought to life with detailed profiles of the largest and most active participants. Recent contracts, financial status, and strategies for the future are covered. Governmental influence is chronicled in reporting on issues destined to affect the market and the profits and procedures of investors, and contractors who build the apartment buildings, warehouses, roads and railways, stadiums and hotels needed to meet demand.

While preparing Construction sector in Russia H1 2011, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2013, PMRs expert analysts have thoroughly researched all salient aspects of the market, consulted their most reliable sources and created the ultimate guide to both the current status and future progression of this dynamic marketplace. Your copy is just a phone call or an email away!

Construction Building And Residential Architects Are The Best

If you are planning to build a new home, Construction Building is the best builder that you can get. To be sure that every step of the construction is being deeply analyzed, Residential Architects should be there during the planning. These just dont sound to be a great deal but also is a secured choice for the construction of your home. Building a home is an investment not only as a shelter. In time you might decide to sell it, the construction should be well done to get a good price from buyers. Construction Building makes remarkable homes with their engineers and architects.

Planning is the most essential part of the whole home building. The best manpower that made up Construction Building gathers around and makes severe brainstorming for the construction. Residential Architects coordinate with the design considering some factors that can cause a good and bad impact in the process. You have to be involved in this as well. This is about building your home so it is important that you know how your builders deal with your home building. Given that you have told them your budget, they will see to it that everything fits best and they are efficient enough to let all set according to what you desire. Construction Building manages your budget, materials and scheduling. In the plan, there is already an anticipated delay and what they would do when that happens. The environmental impact is also considered when they do the planning. All you need to do is to be aware of all this even if they will update you from time to time. It’s not like you don’t trust them enough but involvement is a positive thing especially with your investment. It makes a good difference in whatever you would do.

Construction Building covers not only new homes but also renovation. With the technology today, Residential Architects utilize the technique that is suited for your desired design. It should also be conforming to local authorities assigned of the regulations for building construction. You should check if they follow the codes of practice that is required for them by law. Make sure that they only not impress you in their words but with the way they do their job. Construction Building, on the other hand, sees to it that they will exceed your expectations. At times when what you want may complicate with some factors in the construction plan, they will show you the pros and cons and make things better for you. No matter how complicated, they will surely make you proud of your home.

For a creative design and sustainable home that you want, Construction Building will make it for you. They will make a comfortable home that gives us warmth and brings our family closer. Since we like the feel of a good space and that adapts to what we need, they will surely bring convenience to us. Construction Building values your sense of place and wants to be a part of such a good benefit for you and everyone whom they have touched the lives.

Types Of Construction Environmental Impact

Assessing the Construction Environmental Impacts is one of the most important steps in reviewing an environmental plan for new construction. An environment impact assessment (EIA) needs to be administered to determine the possible positive or negative impacts that a proposed project may have on the environment in regards to natural, social and economic aspects.

A friend of mine lives in a small town in the United States. We typically chat by email or skype. Three years ago, Tisa was excited about a new Walmart coming to town. The nearest Walmart is a half hour away. A super Walmart is about an hour away in the other direction. In her place, other option includes a great size retail unit and some small kiosk. What comes on Tisa’s thinking is that there is no need to ask about either the town needs a Walmart or not. If you figure out her facade lawn area, you’ll see various signage denoting “Say yes to Walmart.”

During these past few years, we’ve been discussing the Construction Environmental Impacts that Walmart might have on her small town. In regards to natural, social and economic, these are the concerns that have been brought up thus far.

Natural Impacts

In regards to natural Construction Environmental Impacts, there have been several heated debates. The targeted space for the store is an old airport strip. However, it’s not quite enough space. Walmart would like to purchase part of a nearby golf course. If this were to occur, the Country Club owner would need to expand the course in a different direction. This would mean altering the river that flows through the land that might be used for the golf course. Several studies are currently being done to assess whether or not this would harm the river flow, as well as the animals and plants in the river.

A usual Construction Environmental Impacts is a collection of Canadian Geese! The home is connected to the old airport strip where the geese occur. People who enjoy walking on the strip for exercise are tired of walking over goose poop and would just assume see the geese driven away.

Social Impacts

The social Construction Environmental Impacts mainly center on the fear of drawing “city” people to the small town for shopping. Heated discussions have been held at town meetings regarding whether or not it will be safe to walk at night time or to leave cars unlock. It also means that a local coffee shop will be torn down to make room for the new parking lot. Customers who have been pleasure from standing by at the shop for years are already grief the prospect of leaving their place where they spend most of their time.

Economic Impacts

Regarding economic Construction Environment Impacts, teens and young adults are all for Walmart. They are in hopes of obtaining a job and receiving health insurance. Older folks are afraid that Walmart will force the little shops to close. They don’t have any hope of the shops being able to compete with a large retail store. Because Walmart has started the beginning steps of a building project, it’s caused other chain stores and restaurants to be interested in the area. There are 2 mid-size chain stores already available to visit. Yet once again, some people are fearful of turning into a small city.

Whether it’s small town USA where TIsa lives, or right here in the UK, any time there is a new building project there is a mix of reactions. Evaluating the Construction Environment Impacts allows people to examine the advantages and disadvantaged when trying to manage the project.

Houston Area Residential Construction Expertise Offered By MW Rogers

Houston Residential Construction Services offered by MW Rogers includes roofing, siding, painting, guttering and insulation, ventilation and radiant barrier. Constructing a residential house really is a very big decision. This may be the home you might be living in your entire life and resting after a hard day’s work, accordingly a lot of deliberation must be put into it. The home improvement firm that you choose counts a great deal because that dictates whether youll obtain a really well built residence that you love or one which is simply poorly built. MW Rogers knows this concern and always constructs charming residential houses using only high-quality material. We really are extensively acknowledged in the Houston area for the very best work out there.

When selecting a Houston residential construction company which you need to construct your residence you have to bear in mind matters such as the length of time which theyve been operating. That could show you if theyve the necessary knowledge or not. MW Rogers has been operating for 16 years and we’re very experienced. We also have especially educated sales professionals who are skilled and always available for you.

An additional thing one ought to take into account when picking a Houston area residential construction firm is the level of quality of materials they will use. Some firms use shoddy materials which won’t be long-lasting and then bill less costly prices. Dont be fooled by those reduced fees as low-cost truly is more expensive. You should not ever concede on quality on account of price. At MW Rogers we will give you top notch materials and workmanship for your cash. We will only use high quality material which is long lasting and our customer is our chief priority. We provide only state-of-the-art tools to ensure you do get the best services.

The Houston residential construction company should explain anything you need to have knowledge of regarding the services they’re going to be doing for you in detail and make it possible for you to make changes if perhaps you do not like some thing. Our highly experienced staff is consistantly present to inform you and help you choose the best suited product for the house. Our offices are continually open furthermore you can visit us at any time you wish. When it gets down to Houston roofing, our staff work with materials which will be long lasting and very strong. The materials we use have a five year guarantee. After working on your roof, our staff will always clean up prior to leaving.

There are actually a lot of residential construction companies in Houston area but none of them does home exterior as professionally as we do. At MW Rogers, we ensure that the home gets painted with the very best paint that is not going to wear out over time. And, we even do guttering and siding. If you permit us to do exterior work your home will surely be the envy of all of your neighbors.

In order to conserve energy, why not let us do insulating for your home? The tools we use is efficient and we’ll finish the job expediently. And then when your residence’s insulation is properly done the home will always be at room temperature.

In the event that you endure any loss stemming from natural disasters we can be available to mend the roofing accurately and help you whenever it relates to filing claims for the insurance by appropriately examining the roof. We will always have your best interests at heart. We utilize a soft-ware program that has been much-admired by insurance firms and is also accredited.

Houston Residential Construction Services presented by MW Rogers are beyond comparison. In our view the owner of a home truly is our priority and we always attempt to present you the very best services.

Back Hoe Loaders in Construction Spotlight

The back hoe is one of those sought after equipment piece which majority of construction industry prefers to use. As a matter of fact, this heavy piece appears in front like wheel loader and when looked at its back, it appears like excavator. When both of the machines mentioned are merged together for better function, the result is a more flexible tool for construction sites.

Now instead of purchasing new machines people have realized that it would be more considerable to just buy the used equipments. And undeniably, the idea even became popular to people as they are watching their every incurred expenses. Their purpose for that is also to manager their finances even more in prior to next years. Quickly have the constructors found these used equipment to make them save money when done correctly.

Popularly, the back hoe loaders are needed for odd ends though it does not required to be really functioning the entire 20 hours of day. That is even the reason why contractors would even prefer for the already used equipment than purchasing a new one. Nevertheless, the decision still depends to the management.

How will you able to start with purchase idea? The easiest would be to go to the local dealer. Its an option that is best because it will be the scenario when you are buying a car. Some of the dealership have used equipments but still is certified. One beautiful thing when there are warranties is that it will ease your mind for the first six months or depending to the agreement.

While the global listings for black hoe in the internet reached up to 580 series include Case 580B to Super Models. You can make use of equipment locator for multiple searches getting the newest of the machinery lines in particular brands the consumer wanted.

Just think of the parts when you are purchasing or have decided to purchase brand new online. Such part is the tractor because if one part will not be found there, you can negotiate with the constructor to where you have purchased it and then pre owned the utility with parts lacking.

Some think that the Volvo back hoe works better since it was built in with simplicity and strength of the excavator. The features and performance can surely ensure productive life including its service ability. Also, Volvo back holes can dig deep with higher virtual capacities that make it competitive.

Plasma Tv Basic Construction, Display And Advantages

The screen of a plasma television is constructed of over sixteen million pixels. Red, blue and green pixel colors are phospors which together make up those pixels you see displayed. Those three colors, in a variety of combinations is what makes up the picture.

Between two glass panels is where the plasma material is found and from where it operates. The millions of pixels make up a tiny images, by way of illuminated flourescent lights made up of the three colors. And the plasma is made of a gas made up from electircally charged atoms and negatively charged particles. Then electricity is passed through it, which starts the lighting process, or what we see on-screen.

Televisions with plasma screen are expensive, there is no doubt about that. But what is the advantage of this type of flat screen TV?

Older style televisons get edge distortion, but with a flat plasma screen this is no longer a problem.

The best thing about flat screens is the widescreen (16:) format, which means you don’t lose some of the picture when watching your favorite movie! And you know how annoying and frustrating that can be, when you get half the picture cut off or you can’t see the subtitles at the bottom of the screen!

With a plasma, brightness of the display is uniform from one corner to the other. With conventional TV’s you get bright and dark mixed colors, but you don’t have this problem with a plasma display. All sixteen pixels are illuminated evenly.

In case you havent noticed, youre going to save a huge amount of space with a plasma TV. Because of the slim design, plasma televisions give more options when it comes to mounting them. On a stand, flat against a wall where a normal TV would not fit perhaps?

Another thing whch is great about plasmas is that magnetic fields do not interrupt the screen. Plasma displays work completely different from conventional televisions, which uses electron beams, which as you know can be affected greatly by magnetism.The advantages of a plasma can easily be seen here. So you want to put a music system near your television? With a plasma, you can have the speakers as close as you like without it affecting the picture.


Clay Tennis Court Construction

The very name of clay court reminds you of French open, Italia Open and the god of clay court – Rafael Nadal. The concept of clay courts is highly variable in terms of materials and the methods of clay tennis court construction, so an in-depth know-how is an utmost requisite. In many countries including France and United States the so called Clay Courts actually may not contain Clay at all. The reasons why they are called so are because they tend to behave very much similar to a clay court. Today the fast-dry type courts are very popular due to their building cost and low maintenance. These are known to be the Synthetic Clay courts. When deciding among the Natural and Synthetic courts there are few points that need to be taken care of.

First thing to check is the availability of synthetic materials in your locality. For example if good quality clay is available then it might be cheaper to build a clay court than importing synthetic granules to build a court.

The climate also plays an important role. As natural clay tends to hold and capture moisture for a long it cause sever building damage if the place you are staying has far amount of precipitation.

Cost of maintenance, a clay court with surface level drainage system will definitely cost less than maintaining a below surface level irrigation for synthetic court. Not to be forgotten the availability of water source for natural clay court.

Following are the tips for constructions:

Firstly check with the authorities if a special permission will be required to build a tennis court. Usually if your backyard is the place then no permission is required.

A standard tennis court is 120ft by 60ft, but for general purpose court 110ft by 55ft will the do the job quite adequately. Not only this, it can save a fortune which can be used in building a store house.

Fencing around the back of the tennis court can be visually less intrusive.

The thickness of the clay tennis court can impact the speed and bounce of the ball. A thicker court will mean the ball will speed away after hitting the ground. Similarly a softer court will slow down the speed but for the very same reason the ball bounces higher and a player gets more time to take his or her shot.

As discussed earlier drainage can take a severe toll on your budget if not planned properly. The elevation of the court if same as the surrounding area will assist a lot in surface level drainage system.

For a natural clay court, the basic rule goes like 8 inches of cinders, then 1.5 inches of grave, 3 inches of clay and on top around 1 inch of surface mixture. Color of the surface is very important in reducing the glare of the sun.

The aesthetics of the court should be given extreme care. For a great range of color and textures there are varieties of materials available today. Not only texture, they also come in various grades from very fine to coarse materials. These can play important role to control from the amount of slide to the speed of play. The depth of granules over the surface can be cleverly adjusted to control the degree of slide on a synthetic clay court.

Dusting the tennis court with chloride of calcium helps to bind the surface material and make the courts wear better.

Even after every care been taken there can be chances that after first rain small depressions start to appear. These should be marked and gradually brought to grade by light top dressing of the clay surface mixing.

Finally, a court set open on the landscape can be somewhat of an eyesore. Plant some trees at a distance so that broken shadows dont fall on the court. Also borders of low shrubs around the court can harmonize the same with a natural look.

Construction Fire Safety Prevent Fire and Reduce Fire Hazards

Beware, warning, cautionif you go to a construction site, you would often see signs that begin with these words. It should not come as a surprise since this place is truly packed with perils that can very well in fact endanger that lives not only of people working there but also those passing by near the area.

One of the biggest dangers in any construction is fire. Because of this, it is necessary that construction authorities take the necessary precautions on construction fire safety to prevent this accident from happening and to ensure that everyone knows what to do in case it does happen.

Here are some important things to remember to prevent fire and reduce fire hazards in the construction site.

Develop a fire protection plan This is not only for the contractors but also for the fire department so that there would be an immediate emergency response plan in case a fire breaks out. There should be a disaster preparedness plan that will inform people about the necessary measures to undertake in case of a fire. These steps may include the following: rescue operations, securing the building, notification of the people, methods for controlling the fire, and many more.

Install the right fire safety equipment From the smoke alarms to fire extinguishers and fire hoses, from the door seals to fire ladders, everything should be well in place even before the construction has begun. Do not think that these pieces of equipment are only necessary to be installed after the building has been constructed.

Determine potential fire hazards Some of the potential hazards in a construction site include smoking, open burning, motorised vehicles, welding, heating equipment, electrical equipment, combustible formwork, scaffolding, flammable liquids, flammable gases, and explosives.

A construction site should have a fire protection engineer to mitigate these hazards through proper planning, coordination, and assistance. He or she should communicate with the fire protection program manager, code authorities, and emergency responders. It would also be best to seek possible alternatives to hazardous processes such as using open flames and to completely ban other activities like smoking that can pose threat to the site.

Secure important documents Store them in sturdy and reliable fireproof vaults. Better yet, secure the original materials in a safe storage place off-site.

Educate the contractors

It is not enough that the fire safety plan and equipment are well in place. The contractors and everyone involved in the project should also be properly informed and educated about the rudiments of the fire safety contingency measures and the correct usage of the fire equipment. This way, everyone would know what to do in an event of a fire.

Keeping the work area safe from fire, especially one that is already quite dangerous to begin with, will not only ensure smooth flow of work but more importantly, keep people working here protected from harm. Always prioritise safety above everything else. As people always say, “Its better to be safe than sorry.”