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The Role Of Construction Lawyer

The recent problems in the construction industry of Chicago have resulted in many abandoned as well as canceled projects. The current economic situation is responsible for these problems to a great extent. But there are other factors involved in such problems. Therefore the demand of construction lawyer in Chicago has become greater today than ever before.

A construction lawyer is liable for all the legal issues that may arise from a construction project. Most contractors prefer to have a construction attorney on their side right from the planning stage to the end of a construction work. Having an experienced attorney on your side ensures that he will handle all the disputes arising during or after the completion of the project.

Chicago construction attorneys may work on a variety of building projects. It can be a commercial project or a residential project. The attorneys take every possible means to protect the interests of their clients. They also negotiate with third parties on behalf of their clients and also carry out their diligence.

The construction lawyers cover a wide area. Some of the areas which they deal with are as follows.


A construction lawyer is supposed to advise the construction firms on how their projects should be funded on various stages. When a lawyer works with a construction firm on a regular basis he will know the relationship the construction firm and its lenders share. This is an added advantage of having a construction lawyer. The objective of the attorney is to minimize the fees that the firm pays the advisers. It is also the solicitors duty to ensure a smooth transaction.


It is necessary for a construction firm to have a construction lawyer who can guide the firm on how to implement the relevant legislation in all stages starting from the planning to the execution of the construction project. With proper guidance there will be less chance of any pitfalls.

If your company works for public sector you should hire an attorney who has knowledge of US construction law. It is even better if you can hire a local attorney because he will be aware of the local law and all the recent updates. Since construction law in Chicago is quite complicated hiring a Chicago construction lawyer will be a wise decision.

Risk Management:

Risk management is one of the major services offered by construction solicitors. It ensures that the construction firm is protected against all kinds of risk that their projects may face. The lawyer makes sure that the projects undertaken by the firm runs maintaining the health and safety regulations of Chicago. The attorney also takes care of the fact that the project doesnt get affected by any financial and regulatory risk.


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Lego Best In The Line Of Construction Toys!

Lego toys are one of the worlds most preferred building and construction toys. They originated in Billund, Denmark in the year 1932. The Lego pieces were designed out of wooden building blocks by a carpenter called, Ole Christiansen. At that time, most of the dealers didnt trust a plastic toy, resulting in insufficient sales. In the year 1954, the business actually picked up. The modern day Lego bricks which came with an interlocking stud mechanism were finalized in 1958, and these pieces unbelievably are till date compatible with the Lego pieces of today.

Lego toy bricks ad pieces have been designed to be an element of a collective system of parts where freedom of expression, creative thought and variation can join together to produce fabulous contraptions. Toys like these were an enormous improvement over the usual toys that are being produced today, which muffled individual thought with specific movements and designs. With the Lego toys, you could always and still can create whatever you want. Lego has developed from the splendidly simple and creative blocks to Axles, Cogs, joints and several electronic components that assist in the radio controlled movement.

The Lego brand is very widespread, having crossed over into every well known genre, both TV and film. SpongeBob Squarepants, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones are all a part of the famous Lego Toy sets that the Lego focus groups determine to target. This entire process takes an upwards of six months to get done. The cycle goes as follows: Identifying the ongoing trends of the market, carrying out the designing and development part, and then creating a model Lego toy for the purpose of testing. These days, all of the Lego toy sets are crafted on the computer with CAD, becoming a much easier task for the designers to contribute to their creative effort.

Lego toys are the modern encapsulation of advanced thinking design. A derivative of Lego, known as the Mindstorms range comprises of a Bluetooth Lego piece that enables you to keep control over your creation wirelessly by using your mobile phone. Many of the Robotic companies all over the world host Lego robotic tournaments every year, letting the winning design join the higher ranks of the robotic soccer team! Lego has even eminently pronged out into the videogames world. The well known Lego play sets which were stimulated by TV or film like Star Wars, Batman and Bionicles are now made available in the form of full-on digital adventures, seamlessly suitable for each and every age group.

Lego toys facilitates innumerable possibilities and a higher level of fun that every age group tends to appreciate, even the adults who perform the Lego inspirational sessions known as Lego Serious Play. The list of fun associated with Lego is never-ending. With the Lego Amusement parks all around the globe, TV shows and even the songs, the innovation and fun is never-ending making sure that the Lego toys remain forever!

Steps Involved In The Construction Of A Steel Building

Do you know how a steel building is constructed? The construction of a steel building involves a combination of draftsmanship, teamwork, engineering and metal building expertise. Every building demands care and attention throughout the entire construction process so that it gets the optimum quality and strength.

When you are buying the steel building structure, you must be particular about a few things as it is a time consuming process. If you have started construction of a particular type of building and have hired the architect after the engineering process has begun, it is sure that the total cost will be higher than necessary. In case you will take the decision at a later stage, the cost will be even more as the architects won’t be able to figure out cost-saving construction methods at the last stage.

Most potential builders are opting for steel building construction because of the affordable steel building prices and the reason that they adequately meet your requirements of space.

Here are a few steps that you must take while choosing a steel building structure:

The initial step is the toughest one. It is necessary for the buyer and the steel building provider to discuss the project together as it will simplify the process.

Preliminary designing should be your next step in the steel building process. It will help you in determining the size of the building and the cost of the material. Some structural and design concerns may arise in the process, when you will choose a particular size and shape of the building.

Once you agree on the steel building size and design, the next step is to lock the steel price. This is an important first step. Always try to keep yourself on the same page as steel prices by remaining in touch with you Armstrong Steel expert as to whether prices are down and make a purchase on the best day possible. If you will lock in the steel price earlier and invest in the building project today, it will be more profitable. Make sure that you take this step before starting on the concrete, hiring an architect, or attempting to pull your permits.

After you have placed your engineering deposit you will get the preliminary drawings of the building. The next step will be receiving the wet stamped blueprints.

When it comes to choosing a good construction company, it is important that the company has enough resources to help you with renderings and final design specifications before the arrival of the delivery date. By this method you can inform the company if you want to make slight changes in the design process before it is too late.

Panama Canal Construction Creates Jobs

International construction is on the rise in 2013. From Western Europe to Eastern Asia, there are abundant construction job opportunities as companies and governments look to expand and repair commercial property and infrastructure. One of the most notable construction development projects is taking place in Panama, specifically the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Located between Central America and South America, Panamas economy is currently flourishing due to the amount of attention on development in major cities. Since the Panama Canal plays an essential role in exporting and importing goods internationally, a project of this magnitude presents US construction workers with the opportunity to travel and work abroad where diverse construction jobs are plentiful.

Though the Panama Canal expansion started in 2007, experts believe it will not be complete until 2014 or 2015. Over 7,000 jobs are still readily available for construction workers of all types. There are job opportunities for engineers, electricians, people with experience operating heavy machinery and more.

Some construction workers from the US may be hesitant to pursue an overseas job opportunity. However, the ends far outweigh the means if you choose to explore opportunities outside of the States. Because this expansion will expedite globalized importing and exporting, you would be pursuing a construction job opportunity that could significantly affect our suffering global economy.

In addition, overseas construction projects are a great opportunity to gain remarkable experience and become a more distinguished and eligible candidate when you arrive back home. By pursuing an overseas construction job, you will be able to display to colleagues and employers alike that you can work with a diverse array of people and adapt to unfamiliar circumstances.

Whenever you are considering jobs in construction, you dont want to limit yourself by waiting for local opportunities to arise when there is no sign of development in sight. The greatest aspect about being a construction worker is that your skills are cross-cultural. The skills you have already honed at home will translate to overseas construction opportunities., the online networking and job-matching site, connects members with job opportunities domestically and internationally. With a massive network of over 50,000 registered individuals and construction companies, the Construction Connection community shares a common goal toward finding more opportunities in their industry. While individuals gain access to jobs and resources, companies gain access to a wide pool of well-qualified professionals of all levels. Companies also increase their Internet presence and visibility by joining the Construction Connection network, which may lead to more construction projects. By broadening your scope for opportunities, you will be able to find work quicker than ever.

Construction Connection was created out of a need for a more effective and streamlined way for construction industry professionals to get matched with the right industry jobs and with the right industry opportunities. The partners of Construction Connection, both construction industry professionals themselves, listened to both company and individuals dissatisfaction with the traditional job boards, the paid resume blasts, the overpriced resume services and overall lack of sympathy toward the individual candidate. They listened to the dissatisfaction from companies who post jobs only to get many irrelevant results or having to purchase high priced ads to showcase their company. Construction Connection is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind profile creating / match-making system. The system delivers effective results. Construction Connection saves you time, money and aggravation by matching people to people, people to companies, companies to people, and company to company.

Polish Road Construction Market To Grow Nearly 25% In 2011

According to the report “Road construction in Poland 2011-Development forecast for 2011-2014″ published by PMR, a market research company, following the growth exceeding 40% in H1 2011, the second half of the year will see a moderate slowdown in construction output generated by road and bridge projects. As a result, the value of roadwork projects in 2011 as a whole is expected to increase by nearly a quarter to just under PLN 31bn (7.7bn).

The value of projects completed by the road construction industry will peak in 2011 and the sector will report steady declines of several percent starting from 2012, which will be due to a lower number of motorway and expressway sections under construction. PMR researchers anticipate that the road construction sector will bottom out in 2014 when its output is expected to be a little more than PLN 19bn (4.7bn). However, construction output generated by road projects can start to grow again from 2015, partly driven by the positive financial perspective for 2014-2020 benefitting Poland and at least one PPP motorway construction project planned around that date.
Due to numerous delays in the implementation of expressway and motorway construction projects, GDDKiA’s plan providing for expenditure of PLN 33bn (8.2bn) in 2011 is highly unfeasible. Accordingly, part of payments will be put off until 2012 and 2013. As a result of delays in the implementation of road projects, the road construction market will be less exposed to a shock resulting from a fall in the number of new large road construction contracts expected in 2013.

According to PMR researchers, it is rather unlikely for expenditure on national road construction in Poland to fall back to levels recorded before 2007 when GDDKiA’s spending was less than PLN 10bn (2.5bn) annually, partly due to many legal incentives facilitating project preparation introduced ever since and more possibilities for obtaining EU funding. Investment projects gained so much momentum in the last three years that there is hardly a way to stop them at this point”, says Bartlomiej Sosna, Senior Construction Analyst at PMR and the author of the report.

In addition to GDDKiA’s dwindling budget, in 2011 the road market will be adversely affected by investment projects undertaken by licencees, which will fall to virtually zero in 2012 (two large PPP projects are scheduled for completion by the end of 2011). New projects by private licencees will not start earlier than 2014, depending on the success of negotiations concerning the construction of a 140 km Tuszyn-Pyrzowice section of the A1 motorway.
Since spending on national road investment projects is anticipated to fall after 2012, funds expended under the local road reconstruction programme, which will be continued in 2012-2015, will gain more significance as a source of funding for road projects. The fact that the programme will go on is very good news, especially given the anticipated reduction in the number of large road construction contracts. It is possible that local contracts will increasingly attract large construction companies which have access to free capacity in a given region.

We are also of the opinion that the standing of smaller companies involved in road work can improve on the back of the expected increase in investment spending in the power construction industry, which is expected to be the key growth driver for the civil engineering construction market in Poland in the future. A large number of power construction projects scheduled after 2013 would greatly enhance books of orders of the major civil engineering construction companies. As a result, these companies would be able to employ medium-sized providers of road construction services as subcontractors in future road work contracts. However, if power projects are not launched or if there are any delays in their implementation, the large contractors will perform nearly all future road work contracts exclusively using their internal resources, as they will have to face thinner books of orders and maintain workforce numbers. Were this scenario reality, it would be put an end to many medium-sized companies operating in the road construction market”, adds Bartlomiej Sosna, Senior Construction Analyst at PMR and the author of the report.

This press release is based on information contained in the latest PMR report entitled “Road construction in Poland 2011-Development forecast for 2011-2014”.

For more information on the report please contact:
Marketing Department:
tel. /48/ 12 618 90 00
e-mail: [emailprotected]

PMR permits the republishing of this press release in part or in whole provided that all portions of text, graphics, diagrams and tables identify PMR in a proper citation format: “Source: PMR”. All citations should be accurate and quoted without manipulation and must not be used out of context.
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Health and Safety in the Construction Industry

Health and safety in the construction industry simply means identifying various types of risks and controlling or totally eliminating them to prevent accidents from occurring to the work force. All construction site work must comply with UK health and safety rules and regulations. Health safety consultants including a CDM coordinator have a great deal of tasks to carry out when it comes to health and safety of workers in the construction field.

When accidents occur, companies have to go through human life losses as well as treatment costs. Potential impacts that can arise due to accidents also include higher insurance premiums, lost of precious time and also materials, as well as compensation claims and legal costs. Indirect costs such as possible damage to the good name of the company which can later create problems towards attracting probable customers. Hence it is necessary to have good health and safety practices in order to display respect for employees, clients, customers etc. According to reports, the construction industry has one of the highest rates of accidents out of all the employment sectors. Therefore by hiring a professional safety consultant your company can minimize the risks.

Everyone who is involved in construction is somehow or the other responsible for health and safety on site. Designers and planners should ensure that their designs provide a safe and healthy environment to the end user and while constructing the design, they should also be cautious that none of the workers are affected by hazardous implications. Construction workers have legal rights to safe working conditions and safety equipment should be used at all times to protect themselves rather than blaming the company all the time for not having a safe environment for them to work in.

Risks involved in the construction industry include mainly falling from heights, objects falling from high places atop workers or striking them being the most common. Workers can be injured by being caught or trapped within small construction units, get hit by moving vehicles, get electrocuted by loose cables, fires and explosions, lifting and carrying heavy objects as well as health hazards such as chemical gas leaks, dust, heat, noise, vibration, radiation and compressed air etc. So it is important that as a company that you should construct a proper health and safety plan before you start off your construction phase.

Construction Equipment India

Equipment Finance in India
The Indian mining and construction equipment finance market is yet to evolve. There are only 3 major players SREI Infrastructure finance, Cholamandalam DBS and Birla Global finance which cater to approximately 3% of the market as compared to 65% in developed countries. SREI also provides assistance to its customers throughout the lifecycle of the equipment and has initiated reverse auctioning of equipments in 2007.

Rental Equipment
The equipment rental business in India is currently pegged at around 7-8% of the total construction equipment industry which is nowhere close to what is seen in more developed markets with around 80% in Japan, 60-65% in USA and 35% in china . The Rental Equipment business in India is expected to grow to about 25% by 2010. The prominent organized players are SREIs Quippo, Sanghvi movers, Gremach Infrastructure equipments and Caterpillar .The average cost of hiring has gone up by approximately 30-40% over the last two years.

Nigeria Construction Equipment Industry Background & Historical Trends
Nigeria coal mining equipment cover a variety of machinery such as hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, bull dozers, dump trucks, tippers, graders, pavers, asphalt drum / wet mix plants, breakers, vibratory compactors, cranes, fork lifts, dozers, off-highway dumpers (20T to 170T), drills, scrapers, motor graders, rope shovels etc. They perform a variety of functions like preparation of ground, excavation, haulage of material, dumping/laying in specified manner, material handling, road construction etc.

These equipment are required for both small-scale mining in Namibia. With a wide production capacity base, India is perhaps the only developing country, which is totally self-reliant in such highly sophisticated equipment. India has only a few, mainly medium and large companies in the organized sector who manufacture these.

Small scale gold mining equipment is machinery used to build and demolish bridges, buildings and other structures. These machines usually save labor, time and money. One of them can do more work in an hour than a hundred of workers using hand tools could do in a day. The chief kinds of building machines include earthmoving machineries hoisting, material handling machines and pumping machines. Other construction machinery used is for preparing the land and materials for construction. Demolishing machines are used to demolish structures and buildings.

The Indian construction equipment industry today faces stiff competition, great opportunities and challenges, but India has a total command over all these things as according to confederation of the Indian industry report, 2005 as for engineering and capital goods base. The Indian engineering manufacturing sector has been growing at the rate of about 5.9% in the nineties. India today produces a variety of machinery whose range is quiet wide and deep. Rapidly increasing construction sector has been the indication of good times for companies manufacturing construction equipments.

Aluminum Fabrication And Industrial Construction

Construction industry has been witnessing many changes with the innovations in the production processes as well as production equipment. The growing need for construction and commercial activities has compelled research engineers to make the production process more efficient. Aluminum welding, aluminum fabrication, parts repairs are all terms commonly applied in commercial and industrial manufacturing businesses. By making use of these modern processes, construction companies have innovated improvements in the production methods making them more efficient and cost-effective. Metal fabricators are able to transform raw material into products, tools and machinery easily and with greater precision.

All industrial and commercial concerns rely on aluminum fabrication and concrete cutting for all kinds of construction activities. These days, with the advancement in technology, aluminum fabrication is assisted with computer aided machinery and robotics for an improved performance and lower wastage. The fabrication services have become more complex and require more sophistication because of the enormity of construction activities.

For high quality aluminum fabrication, it is required that the professionals are fully trained and reliable. This is because of the high level of concentration and attention required in the process to ensure accuracy. Preparation of equipment is the first consideration to be made. The next step requires the selection and application of the most suitable technique for welding. Careful inspection of the process is also very important to ensure the job is flawless.

The fabrication is a method of cutting, shaping and transforming a material into a product. There are various fabrication methods and materials. The choice of the material and method depends on the product purpose, appearance and of course the budget. Aluminum is generally a preferred choice for various reasons. It is a lightweight and ductile metal. It has the following advantages over other materials used for welding, cutting, forming, lathing, milling and other such activities:

It is heat resistant:

The metal has a typically higher melting point and is less likely to degrade under extreme temperatures.

It is a strong and sturdy material:

Aluminum is much harder and durable than some of the other counterparts such as plastic.

It offers more versatility:

Aluminum can be used quite efficiently for a wide range of processes including casting, welding, soldering and forging.

It is cost-effective:

Aluminum is a relatively economical option especially for large construction jobs.

Aluminum, with the afore-mentioned benefits, is indeed a metal of choice in most companies for many construction jobs. A lot of industrial and construction companies make extensive use of aluminum fabrication and pipe fabrication for the many benefits it offers.

After-sales Services Boosting Construction Equipment Industry In India

Global mining and construction equipment companies receive above 15% of its revenue from spares and services, which strongly support their profitability and smoothens revenue volatility. As a result, manufacturers are enabled to competitively price their offerings and efficiently manage their product life cycles. However, in the Indian scenario, the situation is nowhere near the global trends. At present, spares and services contracts contribution to revenue is very low and its growth is also not very encouraging, which can largely be attributed to relatively small size of equipment and the availability of non-OEM spares.

However, as the economy is recovering, the Indian construction equipment industry is showing positive growth potential. Further, according to a recent research by RNCOS, Booming Construction Equipment Market in India, after-sales services associated with the construction equipment industry are showing stupendous growth ahead with various global and domestic companies already planning to acquire this untapped market.

Our research also approved high growth possibility in the equipment rental industry and financing market. Over the past few years, a comparatively, impressive growth results in small construction equipment rental market have been noticed. Various states in the country adopted initiatives to smoothen inter-state movement of equipments, which benefited rental companies the most. A number of rental companies collaborated with equipment suppliers for equipment maintenance.

Our report provides a profound research and rational analysis of the Indian construction equipment industry. It not only presents information and statistics related to all prominent market segments like earth moving and material handling, but also analyzes the historic, current, and upcoming trends in the market to provide balanced market intelligence of the industry. The report also shed light on the Indian rental equipment and the equipment financing markets.

Besides, the report provides industry forecast, based on the correlation of past drivers, challenges, and opportunities for expansion. In this way, it depicts an unbiased picture of the Indian construction equipment industry which will prove decisive for the clients and help them devise sound investment strategy.

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Construction Machines Names And Pictures

Those who are in construction business would know very well that there are three major types of construction machines used for constructing buildings, roads, dams, bridges and the likes. These are earthwork machinery like excavators, dozers and loaders etc; roadwork machinery like road paver, chip spreaders, and compactor etc; and lifting machinery like cranes. Here in this article, you will come across the most popular and most widely used construction machines names and pictures with short descriptions about them.
Excavators, Dozer, Loaders Construction Machines
These three are perhaps the moct common construction machinery- excavators, dozers (bulldozer is the most famous name) and loaders.

Excavators- Excavators are the heavy construction and engineering machines that are used for digging and moving large objects on construction sites. Used heavily for making roads, buildings, highways, skyscrapers etc. excavators are indispensable for any project.
Dozer- A dozer is also a heavy equipment used to clear and grade land. These machines have continuous treads and a broad hydraulic blade in their front portion and are classified functionally on the basis of types of blades in a dozer. The two most popular dozers are the bulldozers and the scrape dozers.
Loader- Loaders, as the name suggests, are used on building sites to upload sand, debris, dirt and mud into other vehicles. Their end aim is to clear rubble and digging materials on the sites.
Chip Spreader, Road Paver, Compactor- Road Machines

While the excavators, dozers, and loaders can be seen on any construction site, there are certain specific machines that are only used while making roads.
Chip Spreader- This self-propelled road machine is used for pre-coated chipping surface treatments. It is also used in repairing works. Stone chipping gives quality and durability to roads and chip spreader is the main equipment used for this.
Paver- Also called road paving machine, it is used for laying pavement. Screed, tractor and lorry are its main component parts. It gets the material from lorry and places it in correct dimensions onto the prepared surface forming a mat like structure. This mat is then compacted by roadrollers.
Compactor- Te compactors reduce the size of waste materials through compaction and are found in different shapes, sizes and configuration. Plate compactors, vibratory compactors, sheeps foot compactors, steel rollers compactors with rubber tyres, etc. are some of the popular types of this construction machinery.
Cranes- Lifting Machines

Cranes are also an indispensable equipment for constructing purposes. These are huge tower like machines having provisions for lifting and lowering materials. They are operated by cab operator or with the help of infrared or radio signals. There are many types of lifting cranes such as tracked cranes, vehicle cranes or the truck mounted cranes and crawler cranes.
For information on all the other types of construction equipment along with pictures, go to Construction Machinery