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Handmade Motorcycle It’s a Different World Out There for You

There are so many things in the world we don’t even know can leave us awestruck. How many of you know about something called found art? You must be thinking it is junk art. Well, that is almost a synonym, but found art just remains the innovative modification of found art. It is an extremely interesting concept and it begins where our ordinary imaginations end.

What is found art and what are the materials used to create the junk art wonders?

Imagine a handmade motorcycle! Leaving your dropped jaw where it is, a found art is what you create of anything and everything. Yes, anything and everything under the sun can be used for creating a found art masterpiece. A series of motorcycles have been created by using plumbing fixtures, hex bolts and bearings. The shiny motorcycles speak volumes about the marvels of the human mind and extraordinary creativity. Each of the motorcycles has handlebars that turn and wheels that rotate. This metal motorcycle art is the most popular of the found art stock. You will stay glued to them when you get to see them. The intricacy with which they have been created will surprise you and impress you to the core. There are animal figures made by fixing bolts and screws together. The dinosaurs arts and crafts for kids are also extremely famous. What will hit your mind most is the level of imagination that has been spent behind the creation of each of the items.

What is sparks plug art?

Sparks plug art is a very famous form of found art. The sparks plugs are collected and they are fixed to give a specific shape. It is a different world out there when you enter a found art store. Some people love to call it zombie art because they have a strange eeriness in them. That’s where the magic lies.

Why is found art special and what kind of art is it?

Found art is way different from fine art or sculpture. The dinosaurs and dragons have the same fierceness in their expressions that you see in photos and movies. If it is the figure of a tribal then there is that same softness of simplicity that you would expect in a wooden structure. How to bring out the body language of a statue working with nuts, bolts and screws is the miraculous part of it. it all depends on how to look at things and make the best use of things people otherwise think are useless. What do we do when we have some extra bolts and screws after a carpentry work at home? We throw them or store them for future use. Someone artistic uses the same for creating a wonder. Is not that beautiful? Imagine all the useless screws and bolts and sparks plugs not stored in boxes but made into marvellous figurines!

What are the prices of the found art pieces?

The prices are cheap and you can buy them online by adding to the cart and paying by card. It never fails to raise an eyebrow and put a smile at the same time on the face. It is creativity at its best.