The Most Frequently Used Domain Ending On The Internet Today

Sure, everyone thinks of .COM when they’re looking to buy a domain name, but the problem is that most of the good ones are taken. A lot of the big registrars are marketing other top level domains like .INFO, .ME, .WS (for website) or now, .CO (for COmpany or COrporation) as alternatives.

But just how popular are those domains anyway? Is it worth getting the .NET or the .ORG if the .COM you want is already taken? Will people take you seriously if your business website ends with some obscure extension? (like .TK which you can get for absolutely free.)

Is it worth getting a domain hack (where you use other domain extensions to spell your domain name)? is a classic example of a domain hack which uses .US for the States. ( now points to

More and more country codes are getting used as alternatives to .COM domain endings. For example, people use .ME (Montenegro) for personal sites. Several radio and music sites use .AM (Armenia), .FM (Federated States of Micronesia), .CD (Congo) and .DJ (Djibouti).

We used Google as a benchmark to see how popular certain domain extensions were. Sure, the numbers change based on which Google data center you use and when you do the search, but you get an idea for which domain extensions are more popular: There are 14 billion .COM domain names listed in Google and around 230 million .INFO domain names. Does it really matter if the numbers are off by a couple of million in this case?)

Here are 6 things to think about when choosing a domain extension.

6. There are over 33 billion (33,706,342,951) domain entries showing up in Google (Aug 2010)

5. Today, the top 3 generic domains are .COM (14.5 billion), .ORG (1.5 billion) and .NET (1.4 billion)

4. The top 3 country domain names are .JP Japan (3.3 billion), .KR South Korea (1.0 billion), and the .UK United Kingdom (just under 1 billion)

3. ICANN, the non-profit organization that manages .COM domain names, publishes a list of .COM domain name registrars every month. As of April 2010, there are 882 accredited registrars selling .COM domains.

2. The number one registrar in the world (in terms of the number of .COM domains registered) is GoDaddy. They have registered over 25 million .COM domains. (The second place registrar is eNom which has only 7 million .COM domains registered.)

1. In looking at the Top 10 .COM registrars in the world, the average price to register a .COM domain is $21.44 USD per year. The most expensive registrar charges $35.00 per year and the best price (including promotional sales) for a .COM domain is $1.99 per year.

Feel free to speculate on where the internet is heading, and what the next popular domain name extension will be.

And you’ll have to decide whether you want to struggle to find an acceptable .COM domain name, or whether you can live with something creative or SIL.LY

Know Everything About Automotive Marketing Research

Automotive Marketing Research can actually provide you with information that can help in planning your product. Product life cycle plays an important role, you need to understand the basics of this theory that is being put to use every time. There are several ways through which information can be retrieved; information based on the functioning of the product can actually help in its overall designing. This is where technology steps in the middle of the entire product life cycle. Imagine, if you have information based on your future product from the customers who are using a competitive product, wouldn’t you design your product accordingly? This is the question that is answered by Automotive Marketing Research, read this article in finding out how to select the best brand for such research tasks.
Every brand which is into research has its own benefits; the other side of coin is equally darker. Adhere to the guidelines mentioned in this article and you would be one step ahead in identifying these brands. You need to know in-depth knowledge about brands which are servicing in this sector.

Every brand is different from each other; you need to understand this difference. Select a brand based on its experience and features offered for the price mentioned.

Know the background of the brand; look at its past projects. It should help in revealing the type of services it has to offer. Designs and data can be asked with the respective brand.

Talk out your requirements with the concerned person; he/she should have technical knowledge about the automobile sector.

Any brand you approach for automotive marketing research should know the various trends taking place in the automotive technology. Only then it has the capacity to suggest you changes or alterations.

Know the type of methods used for gathering data, there are several methods present which can hamper your reputation in the market. Try to dig more in the data part so that you know how your company name is used.

Motorcycle Marketing Research will unlock sensitive data in regards to events, launches, new product development, technology used and so on.

Checking the website will help in knowing the brand, browse through the services offered and then compare it with other brands.

You might have to check the testimonial or comments section of the website just to get a hang of its services, if you come across negative comments it’s better to stay away from such brands.

Pricing of the research program can be negotiated, you don’t have to agree on the price at first go. Price comparison can also be done over the internet since there are several brands in the line.
These are some of the guidelines present in finding the best Automotive Marketing Research brand for your needs. Go out in the wild and know what you need to manufacture and expand your business in the right manner, offer the best services that customers seek and increase your profits.

Romer Impacts Automotive Industry

Several companies benefit from various Romer products including those involved in the manufacture of furniture, sheet metal and molded plastics, as well as those engaged in shipbuilding, product designs, heavy equipment and even aerospace among others.

Romer continues to have an impact in all of these industries especially the automotive industry which is regularly reliant on reverse engineering, 3D scanning and products development. This is an industry that keeps its competitiveness by coming out with innovative products that pass rigorous quality control.

And when one speaks of quality control, one can only think of flexible quality control and inspection tools like the portable arm coordinating measuring machines from Romer.

Romer is a corporation with company headquarters located in Michigan’s Hexagon Metrology Precision Center. It is known for manufacturing dependable and innovative products that respond to the necessities of general engineering industries, particularly the heavy equipment and automotive industries.

The automotive industry has become so competitive that companies require to produce highly innovative products in a short period of time. Otherwise, it gets left behind by other companies that can easily come up with shorter production runs.

Companies producing cars have learned from experience that there is a way to enhance their productivity and their product quality. With Romer’s products, automotive companies can decrease ramp up times and reduce part rejections, thus improving production efficiency and decreasing losses.

Romer for Motor Sports

The automotive industry is far-reaching but one of the most visible and popular sectors is motor sport. This sector considers Dekra, which is the German Touring Car Masters’ official technical partner, one of the leading expert organizations around the world.

With around 22,000 employees and active involvement in over 50 countries worldwide, Dekra relies on Romer’s measuring arm to ensure quality and long-term safety in the field of motor sport. One very significant Romer instrument in the racetrack is the portable Romer CMM.

Racing fans watching the DTM racing weekends will usually find Volker Noeske and Wolfgang Dammert of the Dekra Team in the circuits, to make sure that everything is according to regulations, including the weight of every vehicle and driver. They are of course armed with the Romer Infinite 2.0 measuring arm for the dimensional checks.

With the low weight of the Romer arm, it has become very handy and portable equipment for the race. It is thus not surprising that since the 2010 season, it has been used at every DTM race the world over.

Romer for Heavy Machinery

Romer’s measuring arms are also an important part in Ausa’s operations, which is very significant considering that it is the biggest manufacturer of all-terrain forklifts, dumpers and concrete mixers in the world.

Ausa is a multinational company with a 64,000 square meter headquarters and production plant in Barcelona, and with subsidiaries in Florida, China, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Madrid. Ausa has a wide reach as its products are marketed by 225 distributors in more than 70 countries.

The company has enhanced its production and is relying on Romer’s measuring arm to make its production line more efficient.

Romer’s measuring arms and other products are indeed heaven-sent for the automobile industry, especially for companies that want to maintain its competitiveness the world over.

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With NRAS Investment Property Earn Positive Cash Flow

When you are interested in investing with properties in New South Wales, you may want to include NRAS Investment Property on your options. Investors who partner with this provider have enjoyed the Positive Cash Flow in their income. Everyone knows that the rental rate is low but because the risk of vacancy is less likely, constant income is still being in your pocket every month. There can be many packages that other providers offer but NRAS Investment Property has well-designed homes and flexible options. You are sure that the packages you purchase with them to invest as rental homes will sustain for a very long time with low maintenance cost.

In any property investment provider, it is good to know that the firm is affiliated or partnered with experienced and highly reputable planners, builders, and architects in your area. In this way, they are familiar with what the dwellers want in these rental homes and the amenities are expected to be what everyone in the society would love to see. Since these packages are situated mostly in one area, there can be less hassle in looking over for your rental homes. No need for you to travel from one place and there is total control over your property. NRAS Investment Property will assess you as well with all that you need under the program. They will keep you on track and make sure that you get what you deserve, the wholesome amount of yearly incentives.

NRAS Investment Property also implements further the No Deposit Housing concept in their packages. When you work with the right provider, they can give you this option. The chance of owning more than one or two packages is higher and the profit you can earn is being maximized. That is why they would encourage you to buy packages by bulk. Best providers can be no need for you to work with banks or other lenders since they have all that you want for your business. This will save you time and money with all the hassle of the processes that you have to go through. NRAS Investment Property will make it easier for you.

For your investment property needs, seek the guidance of NRAS Investment Property and their reputable affiliates. For sure, your future will be secured and stable. Since this program last for 10 years of you earning the yearly incentive, you will be able to save for your retirement or invest more to other interest that you want. Therefore, when you aim to succeed on your property investment in New South Wales, consider NRAS Investment Property and earn Positive Cash Flow like No Deposit Housing.

Distinguishing Characteristics Of A Good Sales Letter

It’s actually simpler and easier to make a good sales letter than most people think. And to make one, all you need is patience and the willingness to learn.

Distinguishing Characteristics of a Good Sales Letter

A Good Sales Letter has an Attention-Grabbing Headline.
The headline is often the basis of most readers’ first impression of a sales letter, and you know how first impressions last, don’t you? If they don’t like what your headline says or worse, if they’re absolutely uninterested in what your headline is broadcasting then they’ll not only dump your sales letter on the bin but they’ll also indicate any forthcoming mail from you as SPAM.

An effective headline is short but direct to the point. It tells readers not only what they can expect from the rest of the sales letter but also how they can benefit it.

A Good Sales Letter is Always about the Reader.
A good sales letter always acknowledges the fact that the business owes everything to its customers. It doesn’t ramble on about how great its profit margins are but humbly admits that it owes its success to its loyal customers.

And when selling something, a good sales letter always focus on what the reader would get from the product. If you’re selling roses, for instance, you don’t waste too much time waxing poetry about how beautiful roses are but you focus more on how customers would benefit with having flowers at home, rose baths, aromatherapy from roses and so forth.

A Good Sales Letter is Rarely More than One Page Long.
Everyone is living on borrowed time, and more and more people are becoming aware of this. If you’ve got a really great offer to make, that’s goodbut it wouldn’t make people change their minds about what they deem appropriate or inappropriate to allocate their time for. And more often than not, sales letters are filed under the not more than one page category. Anything longer than that and readers might feel too lazy to continue reading.

And while we’re on the subject of writing guidelines, make sure that your sales letter also consists of a number of short paragraphs instead of a few but long paragraphs. Unless you’re writing something incredibly shocking or titillating, it’s highly probable that only a few people would have the patience and interest to forge on.

A Good Sales Letter has an Attention-Grabbing Postscript.
No, it doesn’t mean that you have to deliberately forget to include something in the body of your sales letter but a postscript can be used to reiterate or emphasize one of the main points of your sales letter.

Case studies have shown that people often read the headlines and postscripts of letters first then use it as basis for deciding whether or not to continue reading the rest of the letter. Take advantage of this by making sure you’ve got something interesting to say in your postscript. It can be a repeated invitation or a declaration about the promo period and the need to act NOW.

A Good Sales Letter Doesn’t Take No for an Answer.
All sales letters end with a strong call for action, or simply put, strong words of encouragement to purchase the product or service on offer. But a good sales letter also considers the chance that the customer may be interested but not yet fully prepared to buy. In this case, he also includes a very persuasively worded invitation to call in order to know more about what’s offer. He clinches the deal by offering an incentive if the customer simply asks for additional information.

A good sales letter doesn’t take no for an answer but it does so nicely.

A Good Sales Letter is Also Visually Attractive.
A customer would feel more inclined to read a sales letter if it looks pretty to the eye no matter if great style and graphics have nothing to do with content. Consider this: if you have two books talking about the same topic, which would you choose the one with ugly or beautiful cover and text?

A Good Sales Letter is a Product of Extensive Tests.
When you’ve proofread your sales letter for the last time, don’t press the SEND button just yet. Test it first with sample readers. If they like it, great! But if they don’t then take careful note of what they’re saying and revise.

Wind Turbines And The Direction Of Renewable Energy

Wind turbines are popping up all over the world. It is not unusual to find single windmills or acres of wind turbines creating clean energy these days. This energy producing alternative is costly to install, but very effective in reducing the price of energy for consumers over time.

This type of natural power is clean energy, but what exactly does that mean? Wind turbines do not rely on fossil fuels or natural gas to produce energy and therefore do not deplete the earth of its natural resources. This power can be directly acquired from the country in which it is generated, cutting importing costs and further reducing prices for the consumer.

The economic growth of the industry also lies in the manufacture of the windmills themselves. The more in demand they are, the more economic and employment growth will develop. This growth not only depends on building the actual windmills, but also on manufacturing the batteries, capacitors, and cables which store and transmit the energy accumulated by these rotating giants.

It has been predicted that by the year 2030, many of these wind farms will be set offshore. The huge turbines would almost not be seen above water, but the power they would produce could be immense. This is a first of its kind innovation and is reported to be somewhat stalled in the bureaucratic phase for the time being.

Batteries will ensure that the turbines will continue to move even when the force of the wind is significantly reduced. By contrast, the East Coast wind farms will probably never suffer from a lack of power source. These farms will be highly productive and the predicted outlook is excellent for the immediate future and long-term future.

Huge offshore cables, called “spines”, are buried in shallow trenches under the sea to transport the collected energy to the mainland. Initial reports indicate that this development could possibly produce enough energy to sufficiently power the entire Eastern seaboard. The cable is being laid now, even before the windmills are planted.

The amount of energy created by these offshore farms is predicted to significantly reduce the load of the current energy grid in the Northeastern US. The cost of this project is said to be in the high multi-billion dollar range, which is causing some delay. There are other significant factors, however, which are also delaying the progress of this project.

Fishermen make their living off the North American eastern coast and studies are being conducted regarding the reconciliation of the two industries. Another problem being faced is the fact that there are sacred burial grounds submerged in the sea there, which should not be disturbed. A third hindrance is the assumption by special interests groups that this development will destroy the beautiful view off the East Coast, who are lobbying to stop the project.

Wind turbines are one of the safest and cleanest means of generating energy, providing economic growth and reducing the load on the current energy grid. Along with solar power and thermal heat, it is a viable and sustainable solution to our energy crisis. There is significant growth in the wind-turbine industry all around the globe. There are many online sites with information regarding the direction in which renewable energy efforts are headed for the immediate and long-range future.

Top 6 Construction Site Hazards!

Construction sites are considered the most potentially hazardous and accident-prone parts of any working environment. Excessive exposure to these construction site hazards exposes workers to injury and possible death. To prevent this, a company should know how to identify and be aware of all possible dangers that can be encountered during normal business operations. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) wants every employee to have sound knowledge of their susceptibility to harm or injury in the workplace.

Listed below are the top six construction site hazards identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

1. Electrical- Electricity is one of the greatest hazards to people either at home or at work. Power line workers, electricians and electrical engineers work continuously with electricity and can face exposure to this hazard on a daily basis. At the construction site, the best way to prevent this kind of hazard is for the power line workers to be a safe working distance away from the power lines. Other precautionary measures includes guarding and insulating of the vehicle from which they might work. This would help prevent electrical hazards from injuring them while working.

2. Excavation and Trenching OSHA has recognized excavation and trenching as the most hazardous construction site operation. From the year 2000 to 2006, the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics (USBLS) recorded 271 worker fatalities in trenching and cave-ins. These hazards are preventable yet injuries related to these hazards are still happening. Both employer and employee must follow safety standards and use protective equipment to minimize hazards while trenching and excavating.

3. Falls – Falling from scaffolding over six feet or a fixed ladder over twenty feet is the most dangerous and common construction site hazard. Falling from high places such as a ladder, scaffolding and roofs account for more than fifty percent of the accidents that happen at the workplace. The usual cause of this incident is slipping, tripping and using unstable ladders. There are thousands of reasons for fall hazards and to eliminate such risks, employers must have a fall protection program as part of any overall workplace safety and health program. Workers should be trained to identify and evaluate fall hazards and be fully aware of how to control exposure to such risks as well as know how to use fall protection equipment properly.

4. Stairways and Ladder – According to OSHAs construction safety and health standards, stairways and ladders are major sources of injuries and fatalities among construction workers. These recorded injuries are serious enough to put a worker out on sick leave. OSHA registered approximately 24,882 injuries and 36 fatalities yearly that are related to falling from stairways and ladders used at the construction site. To prevent such accidents and injuries, employers and employee must comply with OSHAs general rule for the safe use of ladders and stairways.

5. Scaffolding – Every year, approximately 60 workers die by falling from scaffolding; one out of five construction site falls are fatal. The most potential risk of scaffolding is due to moving scaffold components; scaffold failure related to damage to its components; loss of the load; being struck by suspended materials; electrical shock; and improper set-up. Construction workers who assemble and dismantle scaffolding and work platforms at construction sites face the risk of serious injuries due to falls. The scaffolding hazard is addressed by stated OSHA standards. They give specific requirements for the maximum load, when to use scaffolding, bracing and the use of guardrails.

6. Heavy Construction Equipment – Approximately 100 construction site workers die each year due to heavy construction equipment. The main causes of such accidents includes: ground workers struck when a vehicle is backing up or changing direction; equipment rollovers that injure the operator; mechanics run over when brakes are not properly set; and ground workers crushed by falling equipment from backhoes, buckets, and other moving construction vehicles. To prevent this kind of risk, workers should follow all construction safety guidelines necessary to eliminate the exposure to such injuries and accidents.

Safety risks on construction site are unavoidable; however, these can be prevented if workers are instructed on how to identify the hazards that might be present at the work-site. The employer must establish proper safety standards that meet the maximum requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This will ensure that workers will have a safe working environment during normal operation.

This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of construction site risks; however, these top six items are certainly important ones that all construction site employers should be aware of and continually working to eliminate them from happening.

How Composite Doors And Windows Help In Achieving Energy Efficient Homes

Imagine living in a house with no doors and no windows, or where everything is wide open. It is a difficult scenario because one would not be able to sleep right at night knowing there is the possibility that somebody might enter the main entrance or pass through the open spaces anytime. Burglars would certainly be lucky enough if they would track down these kinds of houses because of the pleasure of going in and out effortlessly. But thanks to the makers of doors and windows, this frustrating possibility has become farfetched.

If early man did not use his instinct to find shelter, we would have been extinct by now. But since they were rational beings, they made use of what they had. Despite having little knowledge, they were able to think out of the box to form shelters with their resources and their cold little bodies. Indeed, these qualities of man to be resourceful, innovative, and creative led to greater heights. And although the height of their achievement was surviving in a cave during an ice age, today it is a skyscraper or an eco-friendly building constructed with space age technology.

It is because of man that these things were developed. And it is also because of his actions that the effects of technology such as pollution and global warming are so prevalent today. Sometimes it would be extremely hot and in other times, severely cold. There would be drought in some places and flooding in others. All of these are extremes to be avoided and so the balance has to be restored.

Right now, there are new technologies available that would help in restoring this balance of nature. Governments are constantly trying to promote that people find ways to use energy efficiently to limit the effects of global warming in the world. They passed policies that would make people go for energy efficient products especially for those to be used in the homes. Through research, it has been found that almost half of the carbon dioxide emissions of the world come from houses and buildings. And that twenty percent of the heat escaping from an average home goes out through windows. This is just from an average home. If all the millions of homes combine, that is a huge number and quite an alarming one too.

It is a good thing that there are already pvcu windows manufactured for use today. The material pvcu or polyvinyl chloride is unplasticised, meaning, it has no added softening agents. It is therefore, non pliable, hard, and more durable than ordinary plastic materials. Since it is a kind of plastic, manufacturing it costs lesser than other materials. In addition, it uses one hundred percent recycled material components so the manufacturing is reduced even more. These windows offer a tight fit. They are very energy efficient as these help homeowners save energy and cut down costs on electricity from heaters during the winter seasons and air conditioners during the warmer months. These definitely offer high performance, versatility, and affordability.

These energy efficient windows come in a wide range of styles that suit every home. Some options which are available include simple casement windows, innovative tilt and turn options, and classically styled vertical sliders. These are easily opened from the inside but locked tight and secure on the outside, making it extremely difficult to enter. They come in matching colours with the composite doors of choice which are also made from the same material. One could have matching colours for every part of the house and customisation is also possible as one could have the chance to create their own designs.

They are soundproof, making them a good choice if one wants to contain the sound in the room or prevent outside noise from disturbing the family. These are ideal for those who live in busy cities. These have the most advanced technology in terms of security, which have been proven and tested by the police force. These are easy to maintain, too since they do not rot, chip, break, crack, or dent. Maintenance does not have to involved expensive wood treatments or varnishes.

With the use of technology and innovations, a composite door is not just an ordinary entry or exit point anymore. Instead, it is a thing of beauty with many uses. Windows now offer more than just giving a view of the outside. People have tried to make up for their mistakes in the past and are now trying to make the world a better place to live in. Through the manufacturing of pvcu window frames and composite doors, households could now be more energy efficient, economical and environment friendly.

What Else Does A Stress Management Suggest

Anxiety is an intrinsic element of presence. However much your you will need to steer clear of information technology, anxiety consistently is able to to adhere to your wherever your turn actually at grad school. Being accepted into into a program of the solution actually leaves you aided by the new stress of needing to select accommodation, book tickets, and get ready for graduate school. Educational tension was truth be told there as well, along with work pressures and individual problems. Its very essential to catch tension in good time and after that to work with it. Generating a personalized account, which talks about their expectations and aspirations, is a stress-inducing challenge as well. But information technology is vital which you plan your own essay well by binding to particular tips for individual assertions.

Receive expert information and facts about stress management or stress management (, as well as Reduce Workplace Stress prior to when you make your choice.

What Else Does A Stress Management Suggest?

You can cope with worry just once you catch it. How do you spot indications of anxiety? should you decide suffer from any one of the following then you do posses worry symptoms. These signs include simple to reverse through massage, doing yoga, training, hot bubble bathrooms, and energy management. You’ll find a variety of additional approaches to regulate stress including reading books and newspapers, speaking to somebody, and talking over their issues freely. Find a solution that fits you. Limiting new stress doesnt indicate eradicating tension from their life. It involves acquiring positive ways for engaged with worry to stay away from unfavourable troubles.

Sadly stating certainly to just about every thing arrives at a rates more worry and substantially less serenity. Discover how to claim opportunity on your own without beginning to feel in the wrong. To let your all through the stress of rough occasions, youll demand a good personal help network comprised of pals, relatives and colleagues. This varies from a service group, which is normally a established gathering managed by a psychological state specialist. Stress can making their hair fall excessively and lead to you to struggle to sleep, and it could furthermore significantly impede your aerobic well being. Determine how to evaluate and manage new stress for great center health.

New stress could feel constructive or detrimental, relying on the cause and whether or not a person is actually ready to manage the difficulty. See resources and insight to be aware of the effects of stress, and just what tips your should just take to regulate and alleviate a variety of challenges in your daily life. Exactly to deal with worry try a really popular focus nowadays. If you have services stress you can explore the website for thorough facts on how to work with job worry.

Tension could become a uplifting bringing mental sharpness, physical strength, and adrenaline. But stress will become extreme any time it is a constant challenge and it should get a significant toll on our wellness. All of our knowledge of worry as well as its impact on our bodies, actually, is quite brand new. The situation itself was not even known as until 1936. The original academic to describe it as the non-specific responses on the system to virtually any requirements . Now, the physiology on the long-term worry response is well researched, generally mentioned, and thoroughly examined. If you are battling to manage with stress in your life you will must speak to to anybody you confidence or someone that can let. Rising stressors are associated with various, often times really serious well being implications that should be averted if the source tension is controlled accordingly.