Check Up Perusahaan Analisa Kesenjangan Identifikasi Masalah Analisa Masalah

Dalam menghadapi persaingan dunia usaha yang makin ketat, setiap perusahaan baik yang bergerak dalam bidang manufaktur ataupun jasa/service selalu dituntut untuk tetap mampu memberikan produk akhir yang memuaskan konsumennya.
Salah satu cara yang ditempuh manajemen adalah dengan mengurangi biaya investasi, operasi produksi tanpa mengurangi mutu produk akhir yang diterapkan melalui strategi manajemen.

Strategi yang dijalankan secara tepat akan meningkatkan daya saing dari produk akhir terutama di dalam menghadapi kenaikan harga, biaya di semua lini operasi produksi sehingga produk akhir akan kompetitif tanpa adanya ketergantungan terhadap kepada pihak luar yang dapat mengganggu kelancaran operasi bagi perusahaan yang menerapkannya.

Apakah perusahaan Anda sudah mempunyai strategi yang tepat guna dalam mencapai tujuan yang diharapkan perusahaan Anda.
Ataukah Anda merasa tidak ada perubahan yang signifikan terhadap perusahaan Anda.
Apakah di Perusahaan Anda mengalami turn over karyawan yang cukup tinggi
Apakah Anda bermasalah dengan loyalitas dan kinerja Karyawan Anda?
Apakah perusahaan Anda ingin mengetahui keadaan keuangan perusahaan Anda saat ini?
Kami SIEN Consultants menawarkan keahlian dalam Identifikasi / Analisa Bisnis | Check Up Perusahaan | Analisa kesenjangan | Identifikasi Masalah / Analisa Masalah perusahaan Anda dan memberikan solusi untuk perbaikan yang berkesinambungan di perusahaan Anda.
Metode yang kami tawarkan adalah Gap Analysis / Gap Analisis yakni
Melakukan analisa terhadap proses on-site untuk mencari kesenjangan proses diperusahaan,
Menganalisa keefektifan strategi perusahaan yang sudah berjalan
Mengidentifikasi penyebab permasalahan yang terjadi di perusahaan Anda mulai dari hulu sampai hilir dari proses business perusahaan Anda.

Kami yakin mampu membantu perusahaan Anda dalam memberikan solusi untuk mencapai perbaikan yang berkesinambungan karena SIEN Consultants didukung oleh 13 Consultant terbaik yang sudah menjadi praktisi di berbagai perusahaan / industri / organisasi dalam memberikan konsultasi kepada perusahaan / industri / organisasi dalam mencapai perbaikan yang berkesinambungan.

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Advanced Management Systems for the Telemarketing Business Sector

An efficient quality telecommerce management system is vital to supervise and guide your call centre’s functioning, staffing utilization and staffing costs. The normal call centre expends nearly three-quarters of its total budget costs on personnel, so managing how the workforces spend their time at work is pivotal to budget management.

Today’s increasingly high-pressure labour market makes employing each operator efficiently, a prime target. Holding the right total of staff active at the right moment increases customer satisfaction and personnel team spirit by cutting wait times and associate frustration. A dependable telemarketing organisation system can do this for your business organisation.

Many companies are selling telecommerce management systems. Nearly all have like features and functionalities. Telemarketing management systems can be used to tag operator time management and attendance, plan staffing schedules and assignments, and may even interface with the general payroll scheme service providers. The majority of the telemarketing management systems on offer today inter-act immediately with the concern’s other systems, most typically the predictive dialers or automated telephone call distribution systems. This integration is a great cost management feature, securing that payroll department information is accurately reported, billable hours are transcribed and charged precisely, and elimination of manual staff tracking. The greater accuracy means more extended payroll accuracy, more billed hours and not so much time spent checking out and communicating payroll.

Most of the systems feature staff scheduling modules too. Integrating the scheduling operating function with call traffic practices provides more correct and efficient program scheduling of teleselling workers. Appropriate staffing levels not only aid client satisfaction levels but they step-up worker team spirit besides. Advances in decreasing the rate of in the rate of absenteeism, turnover and public presentation are all added extras of keener scheduling, all of which can add to a telemarketing business’s net profit.

All of the telecommerce management systems have sophisticated reporting capabilities, with reports to contend with every item of your telephone call operator’s working day, inclusive of short-break time, education sessions, work time and rest time. Attendance accounts, clock in, as opposed to sign-in time and rates of pay for hours worked reports can be generated by associate, staff supervisor or whole team.

Each of these management tools can be used to step-up a company’s profitableness by more effectively superintending personnel monetary costs and appropriating more time. The real impingement of establishing a satisfactory telemarketing management system is awkward to judge, since its consequence is so diffusive through the whole of the company. Almost all telemarketing business enterprises estimate that their scheduling efficiency can be amended up by just under twenty percent after establishing the planned programs, with the total cost savings lending more net profit to their net profit. Mooting this statistic, nearly all telephone call centre management systems should have a tangible return in just under a year. Of course, advances in client satisfaction and staff morale are less concrete, but equally as noteworthy.

Additions to or upgrading your teleselling management system will have prompt tangible and bottom line consequences. With broad gains in staffing efficiency and the associated monetary cost decrease, and additional advantages in the form of increased customer satisfaction and better business functioning, an upgraded telemarketing management system can be a valuable investment in your business organisation’s prospective future.

Account Manager vs. Sales Representative Who Makes More

One of the biggest differences between an account manager job and a freelance sales job is in the overall salary. There are many variances depending on commission, but a sales job usually has a higher percentage of commission due to the fact that there is little or no salary included. However, account manager jobs always have a starting salary to build your financial stability off of.

According to pay scale, the average salary for account management jobs varies, depending on the number of years of experience you have in the field. For example, if you have less than a year of experience, your average yearly salary would be approximately: $38,508. For 1-4 years, it’d be around $40,956; 5-9 years of experience, $50,531; for 10-19 years, $58,147; and for 20+ years, the average yearly salary is $59,777. This data is based on salaries all over the country and has been compiled to create a national yearly average. Your salary will depend on the company you work for and the place where you live. At the same time your salary will not include any commission that you make, so you still have plenty of incentives to sell the product and collect your commission each month. If you really push it, you might be able to pull in over 100k, a year. However, since you’re not the one bringing in the leads for the company, you don’t have quite as much control over that. It’s the trade off for having a stable salary.

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If you were to look into sales jobs, you’d find that most of them allow you to choose your own hours and bring in leads howsoever you choose. There are many liberties granted to the sales department of most companies. They generally don’t care how you do it, just make sure you do it and do it well. This is why there is generally no salary associated with these jobs. The pay is completely dependent on how much money you make for the company. If you bring in thousands of leads a day, then you’re rolling in the money. That’s a very extreme exaggeration, as most salespeople set goals to simply bring in a handful of leads a day, and that too, if the product they’re selling costs around $100. For the really high priced services and products, they’re lucky to get one or two sales a week! But this is what it’s all about when you’re in sales.

Account management, on the other hand, has much more constant factors at play. Account management careers generally imply that you’ll be working from 9-5, at a desk, receiving calls from leads brought to you by the sales department. You’re handling multiple customers at a time, with all the records in front of you, helping them with their first purchases, or following up with one of their additional purchases. The idea is that you handle a particular customer every time he/she chooses to buy from your company. Since the customer always works with the same sales account manager, there is no need to explain the situation every time a purchase is made from your store. This saves both the account manager and the customer a huge amount of confusion and unnecessary transfers. You know what the previous situation was, and so are better equipped to deal with him/her.

There’s a stable salary for account managers because they are working a set amount of hours, and are retaining the company’s customers. They play a key role in keeping current customers happy as well as closing the initial sale for new customers. As an account manager, you need to know all about the products you’re selling, just like a sales rep, and you need to have a great people skill to be able to work with different personalities. Some customers will be easier to work with than others, and you need to be prepared and willing to adapt your conversation and pitch to accommodate the differences.

If you stick with it for years, you’ll not only see your salary increase, but you’ll also end up working with some of the bigger clients. The company, having had a longer standing with you, will trust you better to handle these major clients; so you’ll find yourself earning much higher commission due to the higher volume of purchases from the bigger clients. Not only will you have the raises that come year after year, but you’ll also have longer standing relationships with the clients you started out with. If you’re still there, they are more likely to continue buying from your company, which gives your boss all the more reason to give you a raise and a bigger bonus. When you work with a company for a long time, you establish great relationships, friendships, and trust with your co-workers and bosses. You have more time to climb the corporate ladder and receive better positions in the company. You also have more time to try out new methods and learn which methods work better than others. With all those years of experience, you’re bound to have your own collection of strategies and methods that work effectively, and you might find yourself in a mentoring position with all the newbies.

When you look at the average salaries for account management jobs, you might be a little discouraged to pursue it as a career. But don’t forget that these salaries don’t include your commission, and you still have a lot of room to increase your monthly wages by selling more products to clients. Also know, that if you enjoy sales positions, account manager positions give you more stability than most sales jobs. You get all the benefits of working with new clients, while maintaining a stable 9-5 job with benefits. So it’s a good deal all around!

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Stock Investment Company – The ins and outs

These days, it is not at all rare for one to come across such a stock investment company that offers services with big promises. Stock investment is a serious proposition and stock market positions are very difficult to understand. It is good to do some in-depth research before you choose a stockbroker or stock investment company.

There are many stock trading companies but the choice has to be made based on research. It is important to know and consider the qualifications of the company. The company has to be competent and to ensure this the credentials of the company have to be looked into. The customer should try to get as much information as is possible about the company. There are other issues such as the fees and commissions, which the stock investment company will charge for the stock market trading. If the fees and commissions are excessive, they will take up a major part of your stock trading profits. Your investment goals will be affected. Your decisions in transactions will also be affected. The fees and commissions that the company will charge, therefore, is an important consideration.

There are three principal types of stock investment companies. Some companies just carry out your stock trades. This means that you will instruct and you will buy and sell stocks. The companies will do just this and little else. The next type of companies will carry out your trading instructions and, along with that, provide you with helpful tips and stock market quotes. A type of stock investment company also serves as your investment planner. These companies will see your resources and investment objectives and do the management of the resource on your behalf. It is up to you to decide which type of stock investment company will be the best suited for your purpose.

You may also come across such a stock investment company that does not work with the stock market. The customer has to ensure that the stock investment company operates in the market where the customer intends to invest. If this is not the case, there is a waste of money and time. The advisory services of the stock investment company to help you out should be there. When you choose your stock investment company, you should notice whether it has the right investment advisory services. In stock market investing, no two persons are the same. The capacities of investing in stock markets vary from person to person. The best services are offered by the personalized services of the stock investment company.

How To Succeed In Your First Sales Job

Once you land your first sales job you will no doubt want to make a great first impression on your employer. Even if you have no previous sales experience, there are a few things you can do to ease into your new job and hit the ground running. The key is to adopt a positive attitude and a willingness to learn right from the start.

Here are some important considerations to help you succeed in sales:

1. Make Sure You Believe In The Product Or Service You Are Selling

If you are not absolutely sure about the product or service you’re trying to sell to others, you’re probably not going to succeed. You simply won’t have the interest or confidence in the product / service to really get behind it. So the key is to determine what your passion is and then find a sales job that matches that passion.

2. Treat Your Sales Job Like Its Your Own Business

One of the most important success factors will be to treat your employer’s business like it is your own. Just imagine that you open a business and it’s your responsibility to get up each morning and make sure that the business makes money. This is the attitude you will need to succeed in sales.

3. Keep Up To Date With The Changes In Your Industry

Stay on top of your industry and how the industry is likely to change in the future. If your competitors are successfully taking advantage of technology and you are not, you will eventually get beaten. It’s important to keep abreast of change and how it affects both you and your competitors.

4. Ask Questions And Listen

Ask your customers lots of questions so that you are sure you know what their problems and needs are. Don’t assume you know what your customers want. Asking questions of your customers shows them that you care about their needs and that you want to solve their problems.

5. Follow Through With Your Promises

Broken promises annoy customers. If you say you are going to call someone next Friday, then make sure you call them next Friday. If you promise that you will provide the customer with a trial of the product, then that trial needs to be provided to them. You can lose potential sales if you break a client’s trust in you.

6. Be Comfortable Hearing “No”

Don’t take things personally if a potential customer rejects your sales offer. You are simply representing your company and a “no” is not a rejection of you personally. Not everyone will want to do business with your company and you have to learn to cope with their rejections.

Home Energy Audit Helps Lower Your Energy Bill

The spiraling energy costs are putting immense financial strain on the consumers. It is high time that people should adopt energy efficient techniques to conserve the amount of energy used at home. This requires the help of home energy audit professionals.

Prior to their visit to the home, it is necessary for the occupant to keep the energy bills, ready. The bills help the auditor to understand the energy consumption requirements. It is beneficial to provide other information like electricity usage pattern of the house, thermostat selection during winter and summer season, type of appliances used and number of rooms and occupants in the home. This information helps the auditor to clearly understand the energy needs of the home.

The home energy audit helps the occupants know the true energy requirements and helps to conserve it by pinpointing the leakages in the home and the conditioning system. A careful analysis of ductwork, heating and cooling pipes, doors, windows, basement, corners and walls by specialized instruments like infrared camera, door blower and surface thermometer help to point out the exact the location of leakage, which can be later properly plugged to make the home, well insulated. A leakage in the home saps energy out of the air conditioning system of the home and makes the equipment work longer to achieve the desired temperature. The result is, more load on the system which ultimately causes increase in maintenance and fuel bill for the occupant.

A home energy audit makes it possible for the occupants to enjoy the comforts of the heating or cooling system of the house at a reduced cost. The money saved can be well spent on the other necessities of the daily life. You can then invest more in making yours an energy efficient home and thus drive a positive cycle where you continue to save money and used the money saved to start saving even more money. Therefore a home energy audit will not only pay for itself it will set you off on the road to savings that will keep adding up for the rest of your life. And it will reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Jiaotusanku to daohao are no start – China LED Automotive Light – China LED Spot Lamps

Improvement internet for this, to cope with ease women, within feed progressively more malware, Trojan’S, and now my link with regard to swipe important info, info and in addition important info throughout the litigation has not sought after, and become more intense, there is certainly concealing to return gently, “taking” Trojan Viruses horses numerous rider level of privacy, the fresh new Trojan malware came up a lot that intelligence your user-friendly and “pick up” also direct “real danger to successfully blackmail.”

Daohao hazards Typical Daohao Trojan Virus if in case than the “burglar”, then this hot form of Trojan Virus desired form of transport is generally “bandits.” Variety Of software packages are defined as “extortion Software Systems (Ransomware)” or else “blackmail virus.” Most Of The Time “blackmail virus” should be able to encrypt anyone’s powerful paperwork, as non-visual, also explicitly necessitate registered users to be charged for in return for paperwork. Such as “Solution Trojan Viruses plan AYV (Trojan.Factor.ayv)” blackmail malware is really classic contamination, which generally requirements pc users to be charged 300 profits to assist you to re also-get hold of your use of protected applications. Then that “natural make (Trojan.Ransom)” pathogen asks targeted prospects on the way to North Western Institute dollars spent change (WesternUnion) 10.99 Ough.S. profits from the cyberpunk, or sometimes are usually remove folders main 30 min’s until such time as installment payment may be were given. Understanding that a trustworthy much wider smeared with Ruskies regions “General practitioner codes (Impairment.Gpcode)” computer, will be RSA260 amount and as well 330 taller-durability layer formulas to the user’s priceless recordsdata encrypted, coupled with blackmail. Exposed to genital herpes strategies users really should be specialized expertise refuge providers in order to aid to “disappeared” information. Yr after Kathmandu knowledgeable the particular first good sized-climb extortion virus passed?? Route mindblowing variant Queen (Trojan.KillProc.q), currently the Trojan is able to run after anyone’s Concept papers, Shine In Life spreadsheet computer files and moreover RAR then Zip compression mailings in addition to other all-important archive stashed. All at once over the desktop to determine the perfect “to save compact disk. Txt” image, prefer to like: “Your Current pc records mixed up, the actual phone’s substantial voltages result the conventional hard drive read, you have got to the particular storage heal sources to assist you to access erased information just to save, you aren’t selecting natural software package are pirated, you’ve got to salvage my alone numbers renovation and purchase behind professional laptop or computer software early …. ” Herpes at times rrnside the Get Started With plan’s “annex” a fraction earn regularly called “resolution disc important information” technique. Lovers trot often the “healing storage selective information” (or adware), can fast the individual to actually transfer a great amount of in which to retrieve harddrive information.on.

Software Application Profile Look into the through given upon Trojan Virus extortion theft and as well as robbery, near someone with the data as well as her system, content are concerned, actually musing about we may another, before-emptive provided his or information, computer files, first will be important directories, encrypted sheild, certainly not only can discourage around the web cyberpunk Theft, you’ll be able to prevent your mobile computer front not really, your lover with the help of unpleasant reasons peek. Jiaotusanku security will be fasten so that you can achieve prefer nice assistant, very Jiaotu all round, so the “foe” not any embark on.

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Relieve Stress in Your Business or Home With an Aquarium

There have been multiple studies on the affects of people watching fish aquariums, resulting in the conclusion that aquariums have a positive influence on those viewing them. Benefits include a reduction in stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, pulse rate and muscle tension. Aquariums can even help with insomnia for those who need a little more peace and quiet at home. Children with hyperactivity disorder responded well to aquariums, helping them calm down. Alzheimer patients have been found to eat better and feel less anxious and aggressive when having a fish aquarium about. Medical patients feel less stressed entering an office for an exam when having the opportunity to watch an aquarium while waiting for their appointment. Some patients even required less pain medication. Those who work at computers for hours a day can ease their mind for a moment when an aquarium is in the office, helping them feel less stressed and more productive. Fish tanks are great tools for mental health, for any age and any facility whether it be at home or in an office.

Having an aquarium in a medical or dental office brings many rewards. One study in a dentist office determined that patients who watched a fish aquarium before their encounter with the dentist felt less anxiety and required less pain medication than those who did not. Even hypnosis before a dentist appointment was not as effective as a patient observing a fish tank before an appointment. Many people waiting for a medical appointment feel a high degree of stress and anxiety. Aquariums have been proven to help reduce that anxiousness along with high blood pressure as well as decreasing pulse rate and muscle tension. Patients of all ages can complete a medical or dental appointment with ease rather than resistance. Children especially have a positive response to fish aquariums.

Whether children are at home or in a daycare, simply having an aquarium around can relax them. Even children with hyperactivity disorder react in a positive manner. Aquariums provide a place of serenity and an inquiry into the wonderful world of nature for kids.

On the other end of the spectrum, retirement homes can benefit from fish aquariums as well. Studies were conducted in an assisted living home with Alzheimers patients and the placement of aquariums; the results were astonishing. Eating can become an issue with the elderly; Alzheimers patients watching a fish aquarium while eating stayed longer at the table, and ate up to 27% more food than those who had no view of an aquarium. In this facility with over 62 patients, the amount of food consumed increased significantly along with an increase in patients weight over a 16 week period. Less nutritional supplements were required as a result, which reduced health care costs in the facility. A decrease in physically aggressive behavior among patients was also observed.

Aquariums have a positive impact on people of all ages wherever they may be: in a home, office, or daycare. Reduced anxiety, blood pressure, and insomnia are just a few benefits for people with a view of a fish tank. Not only are aquariums great for ones health, but they are beautiful as well. Fish aquariums server as a living piece of art wherever they stand. Visit Family Biz Fish Tanks and start your new aquatic adventure today.

Gensolve Practice Management Software for Allied Health Professionals

For all your medical billing, scheduling, appointment booking and processing needs, Gensolve is one of the leading Cloud based practice management software company in Australia and New Zealand. is one of the leading clinical health records providers of Medical Practice Management software in Australia, New Zealand and UK to improve the administrative processes for healthcare institutions. Gensolve Practice Manager is quickly proving itself to be the best online medical physio practice management software in Australia.

Gensolve the practice management software company Australia is introducing the latest version of its winning 360 solution. Designed exclusively for the direct pay health practitioner, latest version now includes a robust and customizable electronic records system, medical billing software, practice management software, patient appointment software, clinical records software, financial accounting software, Stock Management System, etc.

The cloud-based practice management software gives primary direct care solo and multi location practitioners, concierge medical offices and wellness centers alike the ability to manage the office, track and collect payments, grow the practice, prescribe electronically and maintain health records. But it doesn’t stop there; it’s having lots of more other features.

Gensolve cloud based practice management software provides very safe, easy to use, cost effective and end to end solutions for all Allied Health Professionals in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Some of key features include:

Access from Anywhere – Gensolve Practice Manager provides you with secure access to your clinics information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Medical Appointment Scheduling – The Gensolve medical appointment scheduling and medical scheduling software book makes managing your appointments as easy and flexible as possible.

Patient Records – Gensolve Patient Management System allows you to create electronic patient files, ensuring that all a patient’s individual information is recorded efficiently and in one place.

Electronic Billing – With Gensolve medical billing software one can easily manage private and insurance billing including electronic medical claims to ACC (New Zealand) and HICAPS (Australia).

Financials – Gensolve Financial accounting software has integrated an industry leading accounting package into its software application for managing flow of critical financial data.

Stock Management – With Gensolve Stock Management one can easily do Stock transfers between sites, Specify buy / sell price for a date range, reporting of stock sold, etc.

Reporting – Clinical records software take regular snapshot of your key performance indicators or run more detailed reports to analyze appointments, financial information or clinical effectiveness. Access to detailed financial and statistical reporting lets you view all aspects of the business in real time.

Marketing – Identifying specific clients in your database is an important and powerful way to help market your business effectively and increase revenue opportunities.

All the above features of Gensolve online practice management software make one stop solutions for all Health Professionals in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Improving Construction Quality, Enhanced Market Transparency.

While stocks and bonds have held their positions as traditional investment, investors are increasingly looking towards the alternative investments real estate, hedge funds, private equity and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to engineer an overall enhanced performance of their portfolios.
Improving construction quality, enhanced market transparency, and availability of suitable options have made the Indian real estate market a definitive asset class to invest, which provides a stable and predictable income yield along with a possibility of capital appreciation. While residential markets in India have already witnessed a rapid bounce, commercial markets have touched a cyclical low and are expected to recover to 4-6 quarters.
The market value of investment grade real estate in India under construction has increased from $69.4 billion at end-2006 to $101.3 billion by end June 2010, which equates to 8.2% f Indias nominal GDP FOR 2009.
The market value of commercial office and retail under construction has remained range-bound during 2006-2010, due to the effect of an increase in construction activity offset by a fall in capital values. However, the contribution of residential segment has amplified due to a confluence of increase in construction activity and rapid recovery of property prices.
A significant portion of this market value is required as costs of construction and development of these real estate assets. The costs have been assessed to be $48.5 billion over a period of 2-3 years.
The market value of commercial (office and retail) real estate under construction is $34.8 billion. Commercial office space under development contributes to 74% of the estimated market value being developed in the commercial sector.
As of 2Q 2010, Tier I cities of Mumbai, NCR-Delhi and Bangalore contribute to 70% of the market value of commercial office space under construction, while Tier 2 cities of Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata contribute to 21% of the pie. Other investment grade developments in Tier 3 cities contribute to a more 9% of the pan-India market value being developed in India today.
However, with infrastructural developments and lover real estate costs, the shared of Tier 3 cities is likely to grow In future. While the Tier I cities contribute to 62% of the commercial retail space under development,27% is supplied by the Tier 2 cities.
Residential sector has been the most resilient in the recent downturn, aided by the high demand for housing in India. While residential property prices slumped in 1H09, their raped recovery in 2H09 and 1H10 was accompanied by a slew of launches across India.
As of 2Q 2010, the market value of residential properties under construction is $66.5 billion, contribution 66% of the value of total real estate under construction in India.
While the premium segment comprises only 4% of the saleable area being developed, it contributes to 24% of market value. While NCR Delhi leads in terms of volume of residential properties being developed, Mumbai contributes a larger share to the market value.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into housing and real estate in India increased steadily from $0.04 billion in 2005-06 to $2.18 billion In 2007-08. Since 2007-08, a total FDI of %7.82 billion has been put into housing and real estate in India. Considering an average construction period of three years for real estate properties, this equates to 7.7% of the market value of investment grade real estate under construction as of 2Q 2010.
Courtesy:-Times Property 02-10-2010