Automotive Technology-how Could We Understand The Automatic Diagnosis System

Nowadays, the OBD system and the OBD Scanner have been received by many car owners. It is because its important functions which are the monitoring system for the waste gas from the car and on the other hand, the OBDMORE OBD Scanner also has another function which is about the diagnostic for the mechanical trouble of the car. The word OBD is the abbreviation of the word group which is On-Board Diagnostics. We could also understand the function of the OBD like that it is the car auto diagnostic system. Today, the, which is the professional exporter and manufacturer of high quality Auto maintenance products at reasonable price and best service, will tell you the detail information about the OBD. The main products of this company include the AUTOCOM CDP, X431, LAUNCH CREADER, BMW ICOM, VAS 5054A and MAXIDAS DS708.

From the information on the website , we could find some value text about the diagnostic function of OBD for the system trouble of car. When the system has been fails, the fault lamp which name is MIL or the checking engine warning light will starting lighting, at the same time, the power control module which name is PCM would store the fault information in the memory module. Through the OBDMORE OBD Scanner and certain procedures, the fault codes can be read out from the PCM. According to the tips of the fault codes, the maintenance employee can quickly and accurately determine the reason and the location of the fault. As we all know, the famous brand car has their own OBD system such as the MAXIDAS DS708, MB STAR and FORD IDS. These equipments will make the trouble of your car become easily handling.

From other information, we have also known about the original of the OBD system. From the 1980s, the major car manufacturers from United States, Japan, Europe and other developed countries has been in the production of the car which equipped with OBD. The initial OBD did not have the self-test function. The OBD-II which was more advanced than the OBD was produced in the mid-1990s. The American Society Automotive Engineers which name is SAE has developed a set of standards for OBD. The standards for the vehicle automatic diagnosis system were related to the stringent emissions controlling.

We could know that the initial OBD was based on the function for the emission controlling. When the amount of vehicle emissions which are carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides or fuel evaporative emission has exceeded the standards set, the fault light of the OBD system will light up alarm. From the function and the creation history for the OBD, we should know more about the OBD system and the If you want to know more about this meaningful information, you could search the website of and they will give you the satisfactory answers.