Be a Stay at Home Mum and Contribute to the Household

Being a stay at home mum to young children makes it very difficult to contribute financially to the household. With the rising prices, it becomes very difficult to support a family on one salary, that too a young one. Elizabeth found herself in this situation. She knew very well that her children needed her, but her husband also needed her support so that they could live a debt free and stress free life.


She researched on the internet on what sort of options were available for her as a mother who wanted to work from home. Interestingly she found what she could do. She came across an article about a company that designed food sharing clone. Curios as we all are, she delved deeper into a subject that was very close to her heart, food.


The whole aspect of this site worked on the fact that she would have to buy a food sharing script to really get the business going. The concept works as follows:

1.The owner of the site would list what they were cooking on a certain day and what the price per dish would be.

2.The option could be to eat at the chefs place or a takeaway.

3.People looking to eat something different or maybe a home cooked meal would see the list and decide if they see anything they like if yes, then they would confirm the meal, for how many and whether it would be a takeaway or eat in. Online payment option is available to the diner can pay straight away and wait when he can go and eat /pick up. If a diner wants to pay by cash, then that option was open too.

This was too good to be true. She also found out that to buy food sharing script did not require a lot of capital. She discussed this with her husband and told him that this is what she would like to do. He fully supported her because he knew it was important for both of them to be financially sufficient.

This was best decision they made. They are both hooked to this business, not so for the money aspect but to the fact that they have made so many new friends through food sharing.

Elizabeth has planned the schedule so that her childrens routine is not disrupted and her husband helps as and when he can, both in the kitchen and with the children.

The money they are making is helping them live their life just the way they want to and it is not even disrupting their routine as such because Elizabeth sells the food she has planned to cook for the family just that little bit extra for the diners. They have decided to put some of their earnings away for a luxurious holiday in the near future.

Like Elizabeth, you can venture into something like this if you are looking for some spare cash by doing something you love.