Ameriplan Home Business – Anderson wins $5.5 Million In Lawsuit

A couple of weeks ago Anthony Anderson fought a court case with the Ameriplan home business company and won. The verdict was a payment in the amount of $5.5 million in favor of that plantiff. Out of that money there was $150k given to Anderson, $372,000 alotted for attorney fees, and the rest went to punitive damages to Ameriplan.

He was suing Ameriplan for wrongful termination of his contract. He worked with them for nine years. His paychecks ceased on Nov 5, 2005. Shortly afterward he filed the lawsuit which came out in his favor on Aug 27th this year.

He partnered with Ameriplan for quite some time. According to his standing with Ameriplan at the time he was let go, he had earned the rights to residual commissions that he could will to others when he died. The jury ruled in support of him. It looks like we should steer clear of working in the Ameriplan home business model.

Although, it appears that the Ameriplan business model is not an optimal choice for starting a mlm business, let’s ponder some more information before making that decision. There are over 75,000 IBO’s involved with this business model. Historically, this company has been fair and not ended a contract without evidence causing that to happen.

There was a complete inquiry done regarding Anderson’s termination. There was overwhelming evidence leading to his firing. Brazoria County court in Texas recently arrested him for felony theft from the company. That’s why his contract was ended in the first place. He’s got a court date for this infraction before the end of the year.

Was the risk worth the benefit? This guy stole from the company and is possibly going to jail over it. He ended up with $150,000.00 at the end of the day. After his next trial is paid for he most likely won’t even get that. It will be interesting to see what his criminal trial holds for his future.

It’s a shame that the Ameriplan home business model will suffer a scar from this. It doesn’t matter what type of business model you’re involved with – there’s a bad apple in every bunch.

The Ameriplan home business career can easily be regarded as a good place to work. Mr. Anderson apparently broke some laws which consequently led to his contract cancellation. He has won a lawsuit against the company. Remember, Ameriplan will most likely appeal this ruling. If he’s found guilty in the criminal hearing there’s even a good chance they could win a counter suit if they choose.

MLM is still a great industry. If you are ethical and honest in all that you do then you can achieve any dream you choose.

Get out there and get to work on your dream!