Bill Bartmann Business Opportunity How Much Experience Is Needed

Bill Bartmann has been touted “The Billionaire No One Knows About” by Inc Magazine. However, Bill didn’t start with a silver spoon in his mouth. Far from it…

Bill Bartmann grew up poor in Iowa. So poor, he says, that his family had to get a dog… and not as a family pet like you might think, but rather to keep the rats off them at night.

Bill, at the tender age of 14 decided that he would go out on his own because that would be an upgrade to his lifestyle. So at the age of 14, he dropped out of high school, moved into a barn and joined a street gang called the Manor Boys.

At 17 yrs old, his girlfriend, and later, wife-to-be Kathy, gave him the inspiration to turn his life around. He and Kathy moved to Oklahoma and started an oil equipment company that later turned into a million dollar company.

But at the heart of the oil crisis of the 1980s, Bill Bartmann once again found himself back at the bottom, only this time $1mil in debt.

Knowing how it felt to be broke, to have creditors knocking at their door and to be deeply in debt, he and Kathy decided that there was a great business opportunity to start collecting on bad debt, but to do it where they treated people with dignity and respect. Two things the credit agencies were not accustomed to at the time, as Bill and Kathy personally knew firsthand.

That new discovery put Bill and Kathy onto the road to billions.

14 years later, Bill Bartmann was named 25th wealthiest person in the world according to Forbes Magazine. His wife, Kathy Bartmann was named 24th!

They had built their business, Commercial Financial Services, to be the largest debt-collection company in the world and it was growing at a rapid pace. The company collected over 50% of America’s delinquent credit card debt and expanded their operations to Europe.

In 1997, BT Alex Brown estimated CFS to be worth between $5.1 billion and $5.8 billion, placing Bill Bartmann’s personal worth somewhere around $4 billion.

Bill later went on to lose his company due to the embezzlement by his partner and was indicted for fraud, but proven innocent in 2002. By July, 1999, Bartmann declared bankruptcy. “When sharks smell blood in the water, it’s too late,” said Bartmann.

His experiences with debt collection and business systems far surpass anyone. And that is why he is doing it all over again… but this time he’s bringing everyday people along for the ride.

Bill Bartmann has been teaching entrepreneurs his billionaire and wealth creation systems since 2007 through his online billionaire business university. Bartmann said, “I’m not making as much money as I did with my last company, but I’m having a lot more fun.”

And as of last year Bill has branched out to teach his debt-collections business via seminars which he personally teaches. People who have attended his seminars and applied Bill’s Bailout Riches to their businesses, have said this is the best business opportunity around.

The real leverage however, is not only in the knowledge Bill shares, but also in the ability to have a legal document in which you and Bill are business partners.

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