Dummies Guide To Construction Safety Hazards

Few would disagree that construction safety hazards is the most important issue in the American construction industry today. The very nature of the work effectively means that hazards will always be present and that action must be taken to control these.

The federal government has created the OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure that good practice is enforced in the whole country.

It is up to contractors and companies to stay up to date with changes in legislation, regulations and standards so that they always in compliance. Despite this, accidents still occur and there are many reasons why they do. Below are the most common hazards one find on any construction site.

1. Falling Objects

On a construction site, there is always a chance that something will fall on someone. As a result, it is always recommended that all personnel wear hard hats, but sometimes it may not be enough to prevent serious injury from big and heavy objects. In most of these, human error is a fault and as a result, it’s important that personnel are always attentive.

2. Chemicals

Quite often, chemicals play a part in construction. The main problem is human exposure to these over a long period of time which can lead to serious illnesses and hold back a project due to a lack of personnel. Furthermore, chemicals tend to be flammable and have to be managed with great care.

3. Electricity

Electricity is one of those construction safety hazards that is understated because its not the first thing that pops into peoples minds when they think of hazards. You cannot forget that construction sites typically have power lines which must be managed correctly to avoid accidents. You can’t leave out the issue regarding power tools.

4. Excavations

Construction always involves sort of excavation and the danger is that there could be cave ins. Many workers can be left trapped underground and get asphyxiated. Another thing is that these holes tend to be big and falling into them can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones.

5. Heavy equipment

Cranes and forklifts are common sights on the construction site and have to be used with the greatest care for your fellow workers.

There are certainly a lot of construction safety hazards that you will have to deal with during a project which means that your work will be cut out.