Gary Cardone Has Had Quite A Career

In the energy field These days there are few names which are as recognizable as that of Gary Cardone. And when you dig a little deeper you will easily discover that it is with good reason. This is one man who has been involved with major companies within the energy industry for } quite a while. And he has been working with these huge energy concerns in a variety of senior levels including creating them in the first place.

Obtaining his degree in Marketing and Economics from McNeese Condition University Cardones’ dramatic entry into the vitality industry started way back in 1987 when he joined Dynegy in the Combined Conditions. What followed was a flurry of activity that saw him work in virtually all the sectors of Dynergys’ then diverse business interests right throughout both the United states and Canada. Even during this early stage of his career, he made his mark in gas acquisitions as well as the daily management of these acquisitions mainly in the North Eastern States, along with the Gulf of Mexico. Also, he played quite a active role in gas supplies going to California along with product returning in from Canada.

In 1994 his work with this energy power house necessitated his move to London to develop its’ European energy business. underneath his Direction the company quickly spread its’ tentacles across the United Kingdom and Scandinavian markets. Gary Cardone also played a key role in the advancement of Accord energy, which was a joint venture among Dynegy and British Gas PLC as well as the Gas Clearinghouse. The entire objective here was to turn around the inefficiencies of the energy industry in Britain (especially in gas and electricity). By the time control of this energy behemoth was relocated to Centrica in 1997 Gary had already moved on and his extensive skills were already immersed in a new project.

This time around he got involved in helping in the formation of Dynegy Europe where he also played midwife in the role of manager and a director on the board until this business became probably the most profitable American concerns doing business in Europe. Later on his responsibilities were upgraded to managing director of Dynegy UK and Dynegy Europe. At this point he was in full control of all the firm’s UK and Europe oil procedures as well as gas, power and all their marketing and trading functions as well as overseeing business growth at the highest level.

The fact is that there are not many companies which after only 3 years of existence coming from a cold start reach a spot where they have interests through Europe in international locations like Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland and may include 600 workers. Dynegy Europe was this and more in 36 short months and has also taken over nearly 90 percent of all all-natural gas storage in the uk.

Gary Cardone was literally there in Europe to personally guide Dynegy as a result of this tricky period of the deregulation of the power industry on that key continent.

Currently Gary Cardone enjoys the role of consultant to quite a few private firms. His specialty is mainly in financing options in addition to business improvement amongst other key management areas in the energy sector and beyond.