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Mausolea became particularly popular in Europe and its colonies during the early modern and modern periods. These are usually small buildings with walls, a roof and sometimes a door for additional interments or visitor access. A single mausoleum may be permanently sealed. A Mausoleum encloses a burial chamber either wholly above ground or within a burial vault below the superstructure. We’ve designed more than 400 Community Mausoleums and have become the indsutry experts at matching the needs of your community with a design that is representative. Each community mausoleum is custom designed to suit your needs.
Community Mausoleums
Information on Cemetery Mausoluems can be found here. Cemetery mausoleum construction experts, Ingram Construction, provide information on cemetery mausoleum design and commercial mausoleum pricing. Contact Ingram for Cemetery Mausoleum Cost estimates. Mausoleum construction pictures and images of completed mausoleum projects are available here.Community Mausoleum constructors, Ingram Construction, have been designing and building commercial mausoleums in cemeteries are the most well-respected name in Estate Mausoleum also
Private Mausoleums
Private Mausoleum information can be found here. Family Mausoleum pricing and mausoleum pictures can be seen. Forever Legacy is the premier provider of Eternal Mausoleums which carry a guarantee that is passed on from generation to generation for Eternity. If you are interested in preserving the legacy of your life and providing an eternal memorial for your family please consider an eternal mausoleum custom designed by Forever Legacy.Private Mausoleums for Individuals and Family mausoleums of Distinction. Forever Legacy creates Custom Private Mausoleums and Family mausoleums by working with our select clients
Ingram Construction was founded by J. D. Ingram in 1978. After many years in mausoleum construction, he assembled a team of experienced professionals who were dedicated to the American cemeteries. These cemeterians deserve a mausoleum builder small enough to be sensitive to their needs, yet large enough to design and build any mausoleum. More than 350 handcrafted, beautiful mausoleums later, this philosophy still holds true.
Inside, the large chapel is flooded with light from the large windows, stained glass, and skylights on the raised ceiling. The chapel features a laminated deck and beam ceiling, adding warmth to the room. Several art pieces are built into the mausoleum including large stained glass pieces over the entries, panels, and bronzes. The covered entry has a beautiful stone arch with an arched laminated beam and deck ceiling.This chapel mausoleum at Rosedale & Rosehill Cemetery highlights our interior design including custom-built wood and art.