Cisco NSS 322 Smart Storage highly efficient for business data protection

With business of most of the companies growing at rapid pace, they look for storage devices that are fit to accommodate enormous amount of data and files. A recent study has revealed that one fifth of the users have reported more than fifty percent growth per year in network-attached storage deployment and most of other organizations storage capacity is growing by at least twenty percent a year. This clearly indicates the growing need of storage capacity.

Another aspect the study brought forward was that the organizations are more dependent on NAS storage than files shared on servers. This is because of many advantages storage devices such as Cisco NSS 322 Smart Storage carries for the users. These devices are now known for reliability, scalability, storage management, efficient cloning, and performance. Features like snapshotting and replication also make them more useful.

NAS systems like Cisco NSS 322 Smart Storage are preferred by all types of companies. Right from small outfits to the larger enterprises such network-attached storage devices are now preferred over the servers. The NAS system finds it use at home at the lower end of the spectrum. Such devices come with two to four drives.

Cisco NSS 322 Smart Storage gives you complete data protection. This combines with onsite and online storage in affordable single solutions. This is a high speed performance solution for your data security. This is a 2-bay desktop model. You can have the model with up to 4 TB of hard drive space installed in it.

The NSS322 Smart Storage is known for its high performance. Because of high speed, you can reduce backup time significantly. You can, therefore, allow many people to use the device at the same time. The storage system also provides you integrated online backup. You have access to the complete onsite and online backup. This gives you more flexible and full data protection and disaster recovery solution. Your critical business data has a centralized and automated backup, giving you to liberty to decide what to back up locally and what on online.

Another advantage of Cisco NSS 322 Smart Storage is built-in and add-on applications. The device allows you to have extended capabilities and not just the storage, giving you more value for your money. When you run applications on Cisco Smart Storage, it ensures their availability all the time. There is no need to have additional devices on the network. As far as security and data encryption is concerned, the device on-disk data encryption protects your business data of crucial importance. The data can be stored on disk; even hard drives are not there for any reason.

You can depend on Cisco NSS 322 Smart Storage for simplified configuration and management of data. In a matter of few minutes setup the device for simplified configuration. It provides you secure remote access that is simple to operate.

Choose the device from multiple backup modes and you can share files across platforms like Windows and Linux. Cisco NSS 322 Smart Storage helps you safeguard data and enables you in significant reduction in downtime. This becomes possible due to array of independent disks. To protect your investment, the device comes with a reliable service and support.