Self Climbing Formwork System In Construction

Self Climbing formwork is a specialized formwork for vertical structures of concrete which rises with the building. This kind of form work is relatively costlier than other formworks but is highly versatile. It is found to be an effectual solution for rapid construction of towers or skyscrapers having identical floor plan.

Climbing formwork systems consists of the formwork and a working platform for the purpose of cleaning and fixing of the formwork, steel fixing and casting. This formwork can only be supported on the concrete earlier hence it does not have any dependability on support system or access from any parts of the permanent work or building. Crane-independent forming, striking and climbing, the work process is optimized on the construction site and makes them independent of each other are some of the major advantages, using automatic or full Self climbing system. Using automatic climbing formwork the operational sequences are maintained and even can be accelerated, irrespective of the weather conditions.
Climbing formwork systems with varying degrees of sophistication and comply with most stringent safety standards.

Full self climbing formwork systems are typically used on high rise structures having more than 12 floor levels however Simple climbing formwork is generally used on low rise towers having five storey or more. A combination of crane-handled and self climbing system platforms is feasible on lower structures.

Shaft Platform consists of steel sections with built in automatic gravity pawls. Besides, all parts are reusable. The formwork is placed onto the non-trip shaft platform, which itself is made of decking plus beams tightened to the steel sections with flange clamps.

When climbing is required on the inner shaft formwork, it is spindled together and hoisted up one section with the shaft platform in a single crane cycle. The gravity pawl automatically positions itself into the box outs in the wall, which are designed for this purpose.

Especially for shafts, simple striking solution within the Tri-Tec wall system. When combined with Tri-Tec Striking Corners, the complete shaft formwork can be moved as a single unit. To comply with accident prevention regulations, the Striking Corners, together with the wall panels, are loosened from the concrete by means of manually-operated cranking spindles. Striking can also happen automatically when lifted by crane at the corner eye hooks because all four corners come off simultaneously.

Each side of the corner retracts by 30 mm, either through manual spindling or automatically by crane. This reduction allows enough clearance to move the shaft formwork aside and on to the next cycle.

By using the striking corner panels in place of regular ones, shuttering time and hence cost are reduced dramatically, much more so when combined with the shaft platform itself.