The Rising Need Of Project Management Training

In todays global marketplace, complexity and speed are essential factors to survive. If we try to have close look on different projects taking place in various corners of the world, they all are being initiated under tight budgets with fewer resources than ever before. Apart from this, project-based business is growing bigger and bigger every single day.

In last few years modern business are no longer based on just operations. More and more key business initiatives are now subject to a defined project plan, with specified deliverables and time constraints. These days every manager is expected to do more with less. In such an environment, a good saying for project management is, “Do It, Do It Right, and Do It Right Now.” Creating clear directions, timely response and quality outcomes are the demand of current scenario. The art of project management has gradually changed and as a result of this today the art of effective project management requires a new type of skill base.

Project managers need to develop a new type of skill base. Its very unfortunate that today accidental project managers’ are on the rise. Moreover, it is estimated that almost 2/3 of employees in project manager roles lack the necessary guidance and understanding essential to accomplish successful projects. A recent survey conducted by independent research agency has shown that 58% of people surveyed agree that their projects rarely meet time, cost and quality targets. Accordingly the importance of project management training and certification is on the rise.

Project management is a critical role within a project that acts as the glue in bringing diverse competencies together and coordinating the current of information between them. In fact it is the demand of present scenario and project manager must be able to play several functions including an advisor, a planner, a manager, and effective communicators and a businessperson. The challenge for the Project Manager consists of attracting the correct resources, shaping a solid team, keeping the team motivated, meeting individual aspirations and getting the work done – all within scope, cost, time, and customer satisfaction.

Thus project management training can help project managers understand the what, why, and how of the discipline. Apart from this, project management training also help these project managers in understanding:
What are the fundamental skills project managers need to be effective and how to develop them
Why business and project alignment is essential for project management success and how to get it

The basic purpose of project management training is to educate and train project managers with the ability to foresee as many dangers and problems as possible and control activities so that the project is completed as successfully as possible in spite of all the risks.

Today, project management training has revolved around the benefits of a set framework of principles and various practices that are a part of effective project management. The result-oriented approach of effective project management training makes it easy for project managers to develop concepts of good project management and deliberately apply their knowledge into their projects.

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