Vemma MLM Business – Are You Ready To Learn How You Explode Your Downline And Succeed With Your Vemma Business

Are you trying to grow your own Vemma business? Are you struggling using the techniques that the company has told you to use? And are you tired of not getting any results? Then stop doing what you are doing, stop listening to the company and start doing things right. Most likely, you have been working your “warm market” and talked to all your friends and family members, but really, this is not how you will succeed. By you reading this article, I am under the assumption that you really want to explode your downline, and that is exactly what I want to help you with.

1. Marketing is all about knowing your audience! You should not try and convince your family and friends, or any other person that they need to have what you are offering. In order to ever succeed with your Vemma business, you have to target your market and only spend time talking to people with an already existing need for the benefit of your product.

2. Understand the benefit of the product! This is also very important if you want to achieve success with your Vemma business. People don’t buy a product; they buy hopes and dreams that a product will be the solution to their problems. So, what they buy is really the benefit, and therefore you shouldn’t be leading with the product, but the the benefit of the product.

3. You need leads, leads and more leads. Leads is really the lifeline to your Vemma business, and without leads, your business will die and you will fail. And how do you get those many leads? Actually, there are two ways to get them. You can either purchase leads from list brokers, or create them yourself online- for free. And to get the best leads you have to put 1 and 2 together. 1 (knowing your audience) + 2 (understanding the benefit of the product) = 3 (good quality leads). It’s very simple – without 1 and 2 you won’t get 3.

4. Position yourself as the expert! It is not enough for you to be the solution provider, you also have to be the expert. But how do you do that? The most effective way to do this is to create a data capture page, also called a squeeze page, and this is also how you get leads.

In order to succeed with your Vemma business you need to follow the 4 steps above and forget all about working your warm market, handing out business cards and samples and all that stuff. Your family and friends are not your prospects, so stop bugging everybody with this great product and opportunity, because even though it is a good product, it is not for everyone, and this is where “knowing your audience” comes into the picture. So, once you start educating yourself in marketing and learn how to put the above into your business, your downline WILL explode and you will succeed with your Vemma business.