New Automotive Diagnostic Not The Same As With The Previous

When your car some things go wrong, you have two ways to deal with it, one is find the root of the problem by yourself, and the other is the use of automotive diagnostic tool.

In recent years, repair the car by yourself is a good choice, the premise is that if you know how to deal with the problem. However, this has two disadvantages: one is the need to spend your times, another worst-case scenario is that you need to constantly try and re-tested.

But now a lot of cars are equipped with sophisticated electronic surveillance systems, and some even more than a dozen electronic detection systems in a car. If you detect these complex systems is a very dangerous or even fatal when you detect the airbag.

Automotive diagnostic detection systems usually near or around the instrument panel center console, he was known Europe board diagnostic port or called EOBD. Its purpose is to reduce emissions in the emissions to the atmosphere, an attempt to fuel consumption efficiency of the vehicle is high, it is more economical.

EOBD means the emergence of automotive diagnostic technician can plug in a special EOBD device port, and in a short period of time to find most of the problems. Although EOBD tools do not include the automotive market all models, but its coverage is very large, covering a wide from Europe and Japan. It also covers a few models from the United States.

For those of you unsure of the diagnosis of the problem, automotive diagnostic equipment can help you test the lists include airbags, transmission, air conditioning, anti-theft lock, CAN bus and brake controller ABS / Traction Control and ABS / Traction Control.

Even if your car is no problem, you still may need to diagnose a service technician, for example, you want to retrofit your airbag diagnostic technicians can help you do this. When the weather is extreme cases, some countries require auto repair auto technician checked regularly. This will avoid possible dangers and safety issues.

Comparison with the previous car diagnostic auto diagnostic difference now is now the diagnostic techniques are mobile, save time, save money, and more convenient.