Sole Trader Business Formation

Sole trader is the simplest form of company which is used to describe a person working for his/ her interest without having been any formal procedure to be incorporated as limited or unlimited company. The operation can be easily set up and commence immediately. The owner of a sole trader business has full control over the company where the owner can decide the way in which the business can be conducted. The sole trader owner has the authority to restructure and dissolve the company whenever it suits.

This is a type of business which contains greater and personal risk rather than a limited liability company. As a sole trader the owner of the company is responsible for all the aspect of the business. For a sole trade company it is not so easy to attract outside investors or partners which holds back the growth of the business. In terms of size the business is pretty small, but the number of sole trader business is very large in comparison to any other form of business

A sole trader business can be set up easily. No formal procedure is required to start the operation, which can often commence instantly. To set up a sole trade business it is not required to submit accounts or records in companies house.

A sole trading differs from a limited company as follows:

If you are a sole trader then according to the law you are the person working on your behalf or an individual working on your own and working for others as a single person or individual. But in case of a limited liability company it is expected by the law that there is another person who is working along with you in the scope and power of a director of the company.

As a sole trade business you have to keep records of your business and submit your account details, but in case of a limited company it is expected to appoint an accountant and submit the yearly or bi-annual accounts by providing all information about their financial affairs. If a limited Liability Company falls in to bankruptcy or liquidation then it is the company to face not the individuals running the business. But in case of a sole trader companys bankruptcy or liquidation the owner will be held responsible for any difficulties or any unpaid difficulties.

Advantages of a sole trade business:

Easy to set up: The sole trader business is the simplest form business. You can set up your sole trade business easily. You can trade as you are looking for. No formal procedures are required and the business can be commenced immediately

Full control over your business: As a sole trader you have full control over your business and you can take any decision as per your suitability without consulting and taking permission from other partners

Easy to change: A sole trader business can be converted to limited company easily

Easy accounting maintenance: As a sole trader you can keep all the records of your financial affairs

Personal services: To attract your customers you can provide them personal service

Disadvantages of a sole trade business:

Business with greatest personal risk

Difficult to attract outsiders

You may find difficult to attract outside investments

Bill Bartmann Business Opportunity How Much Experience Is Needed

Bill Bartmann has been touted “The Billionaire No One Knows About” by Inc Magazine. However, Bill didn’t start with a silver spoon in his mouth. Far from it…

Bill Bartmann grew up poor in Iowa. So poor, he says, that his family had to get a dog… and not as a family pet like you might think, but rather to keep the rats off them at night.

Bill, at the tender age of 14 decided that he would go out on his own because that would be an upgrade to his lifestyle. So at the age of 14, he dropped out of high school, moved into a barn and joined a street gang called the Manor Boys.

At 17 yrs old, his girlfriend, and later, wife-to-be Kathy, gave him the inspiration to turn his life around. He and Kathy moved to Oklahoma and started an oil equipment company that later turned into a million dollar company.

But at the heart of the oil crisis of the 1980s, Bill Bartmann once again found himself back at the bottom, only this time $1mil in debt.

Knowing how it felt to be broke, to have creditors knocking at their door and to be deeply in debt, he and Kathy decided that there was a great business opportunity to start collecting on bad debt, but to do it where they treated people with dignity and respect. Two things the credit agencies were not accustomed to at the time, as Bill and Kathy personally knew firsthand.

That new discovery put Bill and Kathy onto the road to billions.

14 years later, Bill Bartmann was named 25th wealthiest person in the world according to Forbes Magazine. His wife, Kathy Bartmann was named 24th!

They had built their business, Commercial Financial Services, to be the largest debt-collection company in the world and it was growing at a rapid pace. The company collected over 50% of America’s delinquent credit card debt and expanded their operations to Europe.

In 1997, BT Alex Brown estimated CFS to be worth between $5.1 billion and $5.8 billion, placing Bill Bartmann’s personal worth somewhere around $4 billion.

Bill later went on to lose his company due to the embezzlement by his partner and was indicted for fraud, but proven innocent in 2002. By July, 1999, Bartmann declared bankruptcy. “When sharks smell blood in the water, it’s too late,” said Bartmann.

His experiences with debt collection and business systems far surpass anyone. And that is why he is doing it all over again… but this time he’s bringing everyday people along for the ride.

Bill Bartmann has been teaching entrepreneurs his billionaire and wealth creation systems since 2007 through his online billionaire business university. Bartmann said, “I’m not making as much money as I did with my last company, but I’m having a lot more fun.”

And as of last year Bill has branched out to teach his debt-collections business via seminars which he personally teaches. People who have attended his seminars and applied Bill’s Bailout Riches to their businesses, have said this is the best business opportunity around.

The real leverage however, is not only in the knowledge Bill shares, but also in the ability to have a legal document in which you and Bill are business partners.

For more information about how you can learn from Bill Bartmann himself on the best business opportunity, go to

Procurement solutions for Automotive

Its just a great feeling to drive my new car! With this pearl of technology I can conquer the world and experience lots of adventures. The leather smells really nice and with my new sunglasses I am completely the king of the world.

Did you however made any thoughts about the complexity of designing and manufacturing your fancy car full of great and modern things? Creating a safe, nice, dynamic and environmental friendly quality car is not an easy task.

Just not difficult to understand that all the processes secured by car manufactures and their tier suppliers will need to reflect all these requirements in a shorter and shorter timeframe. Changed market expectations have indeed forced the automotive guys to accelerate nearly everything . with occasionally negative consequences in terms of quality.

Also the procurement solutions used in the automotive industry are known to be one of strongest of all industries and are often referenced by many other people as the target or objective to be reached.

Hereby just some examples of the high maturity level in this functional field:

– elements like just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) are on top of the logistical pyramid

– the audit mechanisms used to validate suppliers are very detailed and challenging

– the end-to-end process and cost-effective approach from innovation up till industrialisation are strongly followed and documented

– risk analysis and creation of contingency plans is a well-known sport

– the early involvement of specialized suppliers with the engineering community of car manufacturers speeds up the process while (hopefully) securing an intense and early match

– the more sophisticated cost-reduction methodologies like VA/VE, reverse auctions, standardization or simultaneous engineering are used on a daily basis

– the streamlining of material flows and reduction of inventories is well developed

– the push for yearly cost-reduction or productivity via supportive process improvements is a quite familiar topic Without any doubt there are major differences between the various players. Just like a Jaguar is different to a Mercedes or a Volvo is different to a Peugeot.

Also the supply chain models and organizations are not exactly the same for the after-market compared to the original (high volume) market.

Just talk to specialists in procurement solutions for automotive to learn more. Lets hope you are not driving your car blindly!

GICs Offer Predictable Investment Returns and Some Have Insurance Benefits Too

Its a rather strange question to be sure, but after experiencing one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression, many investors are looking for safe investment products that are capable of producing predictable investment returns. For many, this means investing in guaranteed investment products, such as guaranteed interest Contracts issued by insurance companies (GICs) or Guarantees Investment Certificates issued by banks (bank GICs).
These guaranteed investment products that earns interest may not seem as appealing or exciting as investing in an emerging market mutual fund or commodity index the variable chili peppers of the investment world. In fact, to some people, they are uninteresting investments in the same way that broccoli can seem uninteresting when compared to the latest gourmet food trend. We all know that broccoli is very good for you, and it is highly recommended by nutritionists everywhere. But, given the choice between a side of boiled broccoli and a side of roasted garlic “smashed” potatoes, its not unusual to find the better-for-you option politely left behind.
Nevertheless, with many stock market indexes reporting negative returns, a little certainty can go a long way towards providing you with more confidence when saving for your retirement. And there is a lot more to todays insurance GICs than many people may realize, making them healthy additions to any well-balanced financial plan.

GICs A Healthy Addition to Every Financial Plan
Diversifying your investments among equities, fixed-income investments and cash has been the cornerstone of sound financial planning strategies for some time. And GICs can be a great fit for many investors looking to add more certainty to the fixed-income portion of their portfolio.
GICs do offer one very important advantage when compared to other fixed-income investments: they offer a guaranteed interest rate, no matter what the financial markets are doing. This can help to reduce overall investment risk within your portfolio while youre saving for your retirement years.

The Insurance Advantage
Many investors realize that you can purchase bank GICs at your local branch. But did you know you can buy similar investment products offering very competitive rates from insurance companies?
GICs issued by insurance companies offer three distinct features that set them apart from bank GICs: an estate planning benefit, more extensive potential protection from creditors and tax advantage for non-registered contracts. The estate planning benefit means that if you name a beneficiary other than your estate on the insurance GIC contract at the time of purchase, the proceeds (including interest) of your investment will bypass your estate if you pass away. This is significant because it means that your beneficiaries will receive the proceeds privately* and directly, without administrative charges, while avoiding potential probate** and estate fees.
Insurance-based GICs may also protect your personal savings from professional liability. As long as the GIC investment is made before an individual or business runs into financial difficulties, generally the proceeds of the GIC will be protected from creditors with the appropriately named beneficiary. This can be an attractive feature for owners of small businesses or those in any other profession where liabilities have the potential to threaten your personal savings.
* Not applicable in Saskatchewan
** Probate is not applicable in Quebec

For Clients age 65 and older, interest from a non-registered GIC is eligible for the pension income tax credit and pension income splitting.

Say “More Please” to Todays GICs
If you are looking for ways to add more stability to your overall financial plan, speak to your advisor about adding insurance GICs to the fixed-income portion of your portfolio. Not only are insurance GICs a healthy addition to your financial plan, but with options that include cashable, non-cashable, laddered, escalating rate and equity-linked, todays GICs are a lot more interesting too.

Common FAQs answered to clear every doubt regarding online project software

The recent years has seen unprecedented growth in terms of technology. Gizmos are a daily go to in todays world and have become part and parcel of human life. With technical advancement, lives have become target driven and to attain these targets, a web development team often requires the help of online project software.

1. What is online project management?

Any project development goes through a life cycle and follows a specific development model. Suppose, a web development team following waterfall model to develop a project will proceed on a no return basis. In other words, each step in the project proceeds only after successful completion and implementation. A spiral software development life cycle, on the other hand, includes a phase that goes through four steps. The process is repeated in the succeeding phase.

However, to execute the whole process successfully, a development team needs to make use of task collaboration software. Such software helps to bind the whole process together while providing constant support to the development team.

2. How to make the correct choice?

The choice of the correct software is vital in attaining perfection. It may depend on project size, complexity or in between updates. Several factors affect this selection and certain questions can clarify this doubt to a greater depth.

3. How many people might be working on the project?

This is a point of utmost importance while making your selection of online project software. Any software you choose has a database capability. Therefore, before opting for the software, you need to analyze the approximate server support your project will require.

4. What is the size of the project?

Prior to opting for project management software, a team should have a clear idea about the volume of work at hand. Since online management tools specialize in creating charts and calendars, therefore, without estimating the size, one will not be able to decide on the correct software required for his job.

5. What is your disposable budget?

Budget forms an integral part of tool selection. Often it turns out that, the profit incurred during development was spent in management. Proper utilization of resources is necessary for a stable growth of any business and efficient online project management.

6. Is mobile access necessary?

This decade belongs to smartphones. So, as a development manager, it is a vital decision whether to opt for a mobile site or not. Since Googles latest Penguin update lays more emphasis on the mobile version of a site, therefore, it can wise to opt for mobile access. However one should also consider budget constraints and task collaboration issues while taking such a decision.

7. What are the hiccups?

On one side as online project management helps in efficient progression of a website, there are certain issues that one should take into account:

a. The process requires a stable and fast internet connection in every developer location.

b. Often multinational projects fall victim to time zones. People working in different countries find it difficult to sync their time.

c. Such program is expensive and often turns out to be unaffordable for most small businesses.

Therefore, one can say that choice of online project software depends on a plethora of factors. Some of these are vital and essential for the proper completion of any project lifecycle. Get in touch with a reliable service provider and carry out the task in an uncomplicated manner.

Best Investment – How to Find the Best Investment

It’s easy. The best investment is the one whose profits you keep. If your profits vanish because you –

Hold until your profit turns into a loss.
Hold until a small loss turns into a big loss, and then a huge loss.
Hold so long your annual return turns small even when you do profit.

Then you’re not making the best investment. So what can you do? You need to know about Exit Strategy and Position Sizing.

Exit Strategy
Never make an investment without knowing when and how you’ll get out. That’s called an Exit Strategy.

You should have an Exit Strategy before you invest in anything.
You should be able to write it down. Nothing fuzzy allowed.
Know what will trigger your sell order.
Good Exit Strategies let you keep your profits and cut your losses. That’s your best investment.
Wall Street Wisdom – “Cut your losses, but let your winners ride.”
A few big wins and many small losses can equal a win overall.

Position Sizing
Never risk more than 3% of your portfolio in any one position. And that’s on the high side.
Why so small? Look at what it takes to recover from a loss:
Lose 50% of your portfolio, and you’ve got to make 100% on what’s left to recover your loss. Is 100% profit easy?
Lose 25% of your portfolio, and you’ve got to make 33.3% on what’s left to recover your loss. Is 33.3% profit easy?
Lose even 10% of your portfolio, and you’ve got to make 11.1% on what’s left to recover your loss.
Small losses leave you with enough capital to keep investing.

Control risk by controlling position size. The less you invest in any one thing, the less you risk. That’s your best investment.

Your Exit Strategy affects your Position Size.
If your Exit Strategy were to sell after a 25% loss, you could put up to $12,000 of a $100,000 portfolio into one investment, because –
$12,000 X 25% = $3,000 = 3% of $100,000
If your Exit Strategy were to sell after a 10% loss, you could put up to $30,000 of a $100,000 portfolio into one investment, because –
$30,000 X 10% = $3,000 = 3% of $100,000
You risk only what your Exit Strategy will let you lose, not your total investment.

Mechanical Investment
Emotion is the investor’s enemy. People hold too long because of greed and fear.
Greed for even bigger gains. Fear of realizing a loss.

The best investment is mechanical.
Follow your Exit Strategy like a machine. Automatically. No matter what your feelings scream.
Place exit orders with your broker in advance.
Acting when the time is right makes your best investment.

Exit Strategies Explored
So what do Exit Strategies look like? Stop Orders are the best known.
Tell your broker to sell if the price falls to some specific point.
Some people use 8% below the purchase price. Others use 10%, 15%, or 25%.
Stop orders don’t always do their job.
The price can fall way below your stop point before your order gets filled.
Market makers sometimes sell to force a stock price down.
They want to trigger other people’s stop orders, so they can buy their stock cheap.

Stop Orders can also be used to sell when the price rises to some specific point.
Decide in advance on a good return –
Two or three times the amount you put at risk.
If you use technical analysis (if not, don’t worry about it),
sell near strong resistance, or
when the stock looks over-bought, or
when the trend changes, etc.

Stop – Limit Orders limit the price you’ll accept after a stop order is triggered.
You might not get out at all, if the price falls below your limit.

Trailing Stop Orders automatically raise the stop price if a stock price rises.
If you bought a stock for $50, and used a 10% trailing stop –
You’d sell if the price fell to $45.
But if the price rose to $60, your stop price would rise to $54. ($60 – 10%)
The stop price never falls after it rises.
Trailing Stop Orders are good ways to hold on to profits, but
Trailing Stop Orders may push you out of stocks sooner than you want.

Put Options work like insurance policies.
Buying a put lets you sell your stock for a safe price of your choice.
The cost of a put reduces your profit, but –
You’re safe, no matter what happens to the stock. That’s your best investment.

Melaleuca MLM Business – This Is How You Will Make Your Downline Explode

If you are either considering joining or if you already have your own Melaleuca business, I believe it’s a fair assumption to make that you want to succeed – am I right? Well, if you are tired of using techniques that aren’t working, and if you are ready to learn how to really make your downline explode, you’ve come to the right place.

I bet that you have been struggling using the “network marketing system” – you have most likely been talking to everyone you know, friends, family members and every other person you meet about these great products and fantastic opportunity, handing out business cards and all that stuff. Are you getting other results than rejections?

Well, you need to stop using these techniques, because this is NOT how you will succeed with your Melaleuca business. You have to learn how to market effectively and here is some things that will help you explode your downline:

1. First, you need to know that marketing is NOT about convincing people that what you have is SO great. What marketing really is about, is knowing your audience, so you have to target your market. I know that most people in this industry have been told that “everyone” is their prospects, but it’s time for you to forget that, because that is NOT true. You need find people who already have a need for the benefit of your product, and then only spend time on people with an already existing interest in what Melaleuca is offering.

2. Second, if you ever want a chance of succeeding with your Melaleuca business you need to understand the benefit of the product. People don’t buy products – people buy hopes and dreams, they buy solutions. And therefore you need to be the solution provider.

3. Third, the lifeline to your Melaleuca business is leads. So you need leads, many leads! And there are two ways to get those leads, you can either purchase them from list brokers, or you can create them yourself online for free. Well, no matter which way you decide to get your leads, this is where it’s important for you to know your audience and understand the benefits of your product, because that is the only way you will get good quality leads.

4. Last – but certainly not least – you have to position yourself as the expert! A great way to do this and at the same time get leads is by creating a date capture page, also called a squeeze page. This is really the most effective way for you to grow your Melaleuca business, and you will be able to relax and not worry about what your friends and family will say and think, when you try and pitch them into your Melaleuca business. And just to make it absolutely clear – your family and friends are NOT your prospects.

When you realize that you have to do things differently if you don’t want to end up among those 97 % of the people who fail in this industry, and you start educating yourself in marketing instead of bugging your friends and family, your downline WILL explode and you will succeed with your Melaleuca business.

Demand For Automotive Die To Promote Mold Industry Development

With the breakdown product of China’s mold industry, the development of specialized automotive tooling industry quickly developed. According to experts, the establishment of China’s automotive tooling industry can be traced back to the beginning of the development of the domestic auto industry. As market demand increases year by year, on the basis of the original large-scale state-owned enterprise, private, joint venture or wholly foreign-owned enterprises also have been pouring into the market, which also makes automotive mold industry is more competitive.
Currently, there are more than 100 mold manufacturing enterprises with certain scale domestic auto body, which 20 have more than 100 million RMB in output value. The number of large domestic CNC machine tools has more than 800 units, similar to the large number of CNC machine tools in Germany, the United States, and Japan.
Due to China gradually ascending vehicle production, foreign investors have entered the Chinese factories to meet domestic demand and export demand. The need of car mold is a good opportunity to upgrade China’s mold industry. Five years ago, China’s import and export mold value ratio of 5.8:1, while the ratio of imports and exports in 2011 to 1.45:1, mold exports reaches more than $ 1.4 billion, the time that marking China’s mold industry enter the international scale market has come.
The rapid development in the automotive industry, foreign auto manufacturing industry optimistic about the Chinese market, have entered the global sourcing of auto parts in China, increasing exports of parts. However, in order to integration with the international market price, the original production process has been unable to adapt. Larger processing costs. In order to meet the demand of the international market, export processing costs and other expenses must be compressed.
In recent years, China’s listed in the dozens of independent brands and joint venture brand car the mould, jig equipment, more than 50% by the Chinese mould manufacturing enterprise development, and many of the car original equipment manufacturers have class b car the most complicated vehicle mold to Chinese mould enterprise to produce.
The high-speed development of China’s auto industry mold industry increasingly high requirements, but also provided great impetus to its development. As the automotive industry on the international parts of global sourcing strategies and multinational auto companies began to implement localization strategy, the domestic market will has huge parts accessories gap. But part of the domestic auto parts mold production is not enough fine, although the car itself has features a lot, but the price does not go up, and the apparent lack of competitiveness.
The analysts believe that China’s low-tech mold has an oversupply of the market, profit margins narrow; higher technological content, high-end mold can not meet the needs of economic development, and there is still much room for development of precise, complex die, cars cover mold and other high-end mold. The future direction of development of the Chinese automotive mold industry should focus on the adjustment of product structure and positioning. Further enhance the level of mold manufacturing technology, occupied the complex structure, high precision, high technological content, high-end mold market.
Zhongshan Changming Electronics Co.,LTD is specialized in producing all kinds of remete control ,household life silicone products , antiflaming glue, seal ring and a variety of conductive silicone buttons business. The company was established in 2006, the plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters, has more than 200 employees and advanced production equipment, strong technical force. We hope you can join us and established long-term relations of cooperation with us.

Starting a Loss Mitigation Business

In the past couple of years foreclosures have become a hot issue within the real estate market and are definitely a business opportunity worth considering. Even with the growing numbers of foreclosures on the market today, there are really only two areas where a business opportunity exists. One is helping people who find themselves in severe financial difficulty due to their mortgage being worth more than the actual value of their home. This type of market is called the “Short Sale Market” and is hard to break into especially if you lack previous mortgage or real estate experience. The other is helping people who need to save their homes from foreclosure and stay. This is called Loss Mitigation and is an ideal entry business level opportunity.

So what exactly is Loss Mitigation? To put it in simple terms its where an impartial third party negotiates with the lender on behalf of the homeowner to stop the foreclosure process. The Loss mitigation expert will bring together the two parties and arrange a viable repayment solution that is acceptable to both the homeowner and lender. This process is very successful because neither party wants to lose possibly thousands of dollars. The Loss Mitigation expert has no emotional involvement in the deal and works only on facts and figures and because of this they will achieve more than a homeowner. Another point to consider is the negotiator will know in detail all the programs offered by lenders and the criteria they work to.

When looking at Loss Mitigation as a business enterprise, there are some points to consider. Initially you should try and forge an association with your business and a reputable company that can provide this type of service for your clients. This type of company would be similar to an outsourcing company. Using a company that already has connections in the business and provides an effective service will be beneficial to yourself and your clients.

Firstly this company will have a good knowledge of the ever changing rules within the industry. Lenders are constantly changing their rules and the solutions they offer due to the increasing number of foreclosures. A company that already has a network of lenders in place and knows exactly what each one can offer will provide a better service to your clients than you can when your business is still in its initial stages. You should remember you are working with clients whose homes are at risk of foreclosure. It is prudent at this early stage of your business not to put yourself directly at risk. You dont yet have the knowledge and experience, so using an already established company is an ideal solution.

Another reason for using an outsourcing company is their credibility in the marketplace. When searching for a company that offers Loss Mitigation services there are some things you should consider. Since 2005 there has been a dramatic increase in foreclosures and many companies were formed who saw this as a way to make a quick profit. You should therefore look for companies who have been established for a few years prior to 2005. These companies havent jumped on the bandwagon and were formed only to help and look after the interests of the families and homeowners who face foreclosure.

Investment Rental Properties When Its Time to Buy or Sell

How does one determine when to sell a rental property investment? If you are going to buy rental properties having a plan in place for the appropriate time to sell is important.

I have worked with many individuals over the years and showed them how to buy rental property. There are many things that need to be considered when purchasing for investment purposes. There is also definitely a time to sell.

How to Buy an Investment Property

-Is the property in a convenient location? Is it near shopping, in a neighborhood with good schools, and is it easily accessible to interstates and connecting roads?

-Does the potential investment property have a sound foundation? What sort of issues does the home have? If it needs a new roof or the foundation is sunken in and is creating issues within the structure, it might not be a good investment at this time. If the issues are only cosmetic (needs a new bathroom floor, or painting, or carpeting) it may be worthwhile. Inspection reports will reveal the propertys flaws so the buyer and real estate professional can make a good decision.

-Do you have enough of a down payment to purchase the rental property so financing will not be an issue? In the current real estate market, most lenders will see a down payment of 40-50% as a good risk. If you can invest 100% into the property this is even better.

-Income gained from the property needs to exceed expenses. Identify a credit worthy tenant, a reliable property manager, and a solid lease to make your property investment profitable. Property management fees are tax deductible.

-For residential property investments, single-family homes as well as multi-tenant properties such as duplexes and fourplexes are great ways to build income and wealth. Some investors may want to consider apartment complexes. In this case a commercial property loan will be necessary to obtain financing.

-Use depreciation on the investment property as a way to receive an annual tax deduction. Check with your accountant, who will apply the depreciation deduction on the building, appliances — even window treatments. The government still allows tax deductions for accelerated depreciation on properties. Savvy real estate investors use this deduction to increase cash flow and net operating profit on a property.

When to Sell a Rental Property

I have a term for properties that need to be sold: alligator properties. These are properties that are eating the investor alive with carrying costs. When an investor looks at the bottom line on an alligator property there is no profit just expenses. An alligator property today may have been a good investment ten years ago. But some individuals will continue to hold a property until it depletes all of the profits they may have made in the first 5-7 years.

If a property has sentimental value (it was your first home, or your mother once owned it but now shes deceased), some investors may tend to want to hold onto it. Having an emotional attachment to an investment property that is supposed to be generating income is not good. Sometimes an individual will hold this type of property even if it is not profitable. It may be time to consider selling this property.