Melaleuca MLM Business – This Is How You Will Make Your Downline Explode

If you are either considering joining or if you already have your own Melaleuca business, I believe it’s a fair assumption to make that you want to succeed – am I right? Well, if you are tired of using techniques that aren’t working, and if you are ready to learn how to really make your downline explode, you’ve come to the right place.

I bet that you have been struggling using the “network marketing system” – you have most likely been talking to everyone you know, friends, family members and every other person you meet about these great products and fantastic opportunity, handing out business cards and all that stuff. Are you getting other results than rejections?

Well, you need to stop using these techniques, because this is NOT how you will succeed with your Melaleuca business. You have to learn how to market effectively and here is some things that will help you explode your downline:

1. First, you need to know that marketing is NOT about convincing people that what you have is SO great. What marketing really is about, is knowing your audience, so you have to target your market. I know that most people in this industry have been told that “everyone” is their prospects, but it’s time for you to forget that, because that is NOT true. You need find people who already have a need for the benefit of your product, and then only spend time on people with an already existing interest in what Melaleuca is offering.

2. Second, if you ever want a chance of succeeding with your Melaleuca business you need to understand the benefit of the product. People don’t buy products – people buy hopes and dreams, they buy solutions. And therefore you need to be the solution provider.

3. Third, the lifeline to your Melaleuca business is leads. So you need leads, many leads! And there are two ways to get those leads, you can either purchase them from list brokers, or you can create them yourself online for free. Well, no matter which way you decide to get your leads, this is where it’s important for you to know your audience and understand the benefits of your product, because that is the only way you will get good quality leads.

4. Last – but certainly not least – you have to position yourself as the expert! A great way to do this and at the same time get leads is by creating a date capture page, also called a squeeze page. This is really the most effective way for you to grow your Melaleuca business, and you will be able to relax and not worry about what your friends and family will say and think, when you try and pitch them into your Melaleuca business. And just to make it absolutely clear – your family and friends are NOT your prospects.

When you realize that you have to do things differently if you don’t want to end up among those 97 % of the people who fail in this industry, and you start educating yourself in marketing instead of bugging your friends and family, your downline WILL explode and you will succeed with your Melaleuca business.