China (beijing) International Construction Equipment Exhibition

China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation jointly hosted the second session of the China (Beijing) International Exhibition on Construction Four New China (Beijing) International construction equipment, building materials, machinery and construction tools Exhibition will be held in March 2014 4-6, at Beijing national Convention Center once again.
China State Construction Engineering four new Expo is the only China Construction Industry Association hosted and fully supported by the industry technology products exhibition. Exposition in one fell swoop integrates multiple projects related exhibition construction field, through the authority associations and professional group exhibition company strong cooperation, convergence of many construction units, distribution groups, the construction division, construction and technical personnel and other stakeholders, to build a building and construction industry stop sourcing and marketing platform. Last building four new exhibition gathered 412 famous enterprises, brought together more than 31,100 domestic and overseas distributors agents, purchasing and management personnel, construction and decoration engineering units, architects, designers, and real estate development institutions and other professional audiences , and achieved fruitful branding effect, become the northern region’s largest and most trade exchanges effect construction industry event. During the exhibition, China Construction Industry Association also held a “promote the use of advanced and applicable technologies construction and architecture engineering and technical experts committee work experience exchange”, more than 600 units of large buildings from around the country level and above the total workers who attended the meeting and visit the exhibition.
2014 China International construction equipment, building materials, machinery and construction tools Construction Exhibition 2014 will be an important theme of Four New Expo exhibition. The exhibition will not only set construction equipment and tools, building materials and machinery industry the latest technology, products, solutions, but also through the strong support of China Construction Industry Association, to carry out extensive activities in the same period, brought together a number of groups and the majority of sales agents construction management, procurement, distribution and technical professionals, engineering and technical equipment in the field of architectural effects and industry’s most influential trade promotion platform.
– China Construction Industry Association sponsored comprehensive support, and build construction field’s top show!
– Extensive industry concurrent activities, many professionals broad participation
– A collection of multi-audience organizational resources, comprehensive promotion, to achieve high-quality show results
– Spring March organized annual industry showcase and promote the best time
– Years of construction industry experience and resources accumulated group exhibition, a comprehensive exhibition services
Exhibits Category:
Construction equipment and tools:
Glass, glass products, materials, products, molding, molding machine, molding machinery, electrical equipment, hoists, separation, separation machine, steel, high-altitude, aerial, aerial vehicles, engineering machinery, Floor, welding, welding equipment, drying, baking dry equipment, concrete, concrete machinery, machinery, Wooden Furniture manufacturers, processing machinery, processing equipment, kitchen equipment suppliers, testing instruments, testing instruments, building materials.