The Role Of Construction Lawyer

The recent problems in the construction industry of Chicago have resulted in many abandoned as well as canceled projects. The current economic situation is responsible for these problems to a great extent. But there are other factors involved in such problems. Therefore the demand of construction lawyer in Chicago has become greater today than ever before.

A construction lawyer is liable for all the legal issues that may arise from a construction project. Most contractors prefer to have a construction attorney on their side right from the planning stage to the end of a construction work. Having an experienced attorney on your side ensures that he will handle all the disputes arising during or after the completion of the project.

Chicago construction attorneys may work on a variety of building projects. It can be a commercial project or a residential project. The attorneys take every possible means to protect the interests of their clients. They also negotiate with third parties on behalf of their clients and also carry out their diligence.

The construction lawyers cover a wide area. Some of the areas which they deal with are as follows.


A construction lawyer is supposed to advise the construction firms on how their projects should be funded on various stages. When a lawyer works with a construction firm on a regular basis he will know the relationship the construction firm and its lenders share. This is an added advantage of having a construction lawyer. The objective of the attorney is to minimize the fees that the firm pays the advisers. It is also the solicitors duty to ensure a smooth transaction.


It is necessary for a construction firm to have a construction lawyer who can guide the firm on how to implement the relevant legislation in all stages starting from the planning to the execution of the construction project. With proper guidance there will be less chance of any pitfalls.

If your company works for public sector you should hire an attorney who has knowledge of US construction law. It is even better if you can hire a local attorney because he will be aware of the local law and all the recent updates. Since construction law in Chicago is quite complicated hiring a Chicago construction lawyer will be a wise decision.

Risk Management:

Risk management is one of the major services offered by construction solicitors. It ensures that the construction firm is protected against all kinds of risk that their projects may face. The lawyer makes sure that the projects undertaken by the firm runs maintaining the health and safety regulations of Chicago. The attorney also takes care of the fact that the project doesnt get affected by any financial and regulatory risk.


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