How to Use Text Messaging to Promote Your Business

Text messaging is not just for teenagers anymore. Savvy business owners recognize that text messaging also aids in the promotion of their business. Mobile devices have redefined most peoples lives. At last count, 91% of Americans have a mobile device. Each month 150 billion text messages are sent, and 90% of them are read within 1 hour of receipt. When was the last time you didnt read a text message that was sent to you? Are your customers any different?

Text messaging is now a major form of communication. It is actually a preferred method for some. Businesses that know how to incorporate text messaging into their marketing plans have an edge over those who dont. Think of when you read your postal mail. Do you read every ad you receive? Probably not. But do you at least read every text message that comes across your phone? Most likely you do.

Imagine being able to cut through all the clutter and reach your prospect or customer on the device they keep with them all the timein their pockets and purses, in their cars, at their desks or even on their night stands?

Your text messages, delivered thoughtfully and strategically, could turn a slow night into standing room only. Or they could turn a slow month into record setting profits. Here are some examples of how text messages could be employed in various industries:

Real Estate: Broadcast new listings in the area

Restaurant/Bar: Publish drink specials

Nightclub: Announce the band playing this Friday night

Pizzeria: Send out coupon codes for online ordering

Personal Trainer: Post motivational messages

Hair Salon/Spa: Announce new openings due to cancellations

Dentist: Remind patients for their six-month checkup

These are just a few examples of how you can stay connected with your customers by using text messaging. Mobile marketing options are only limited by your imagination and understanding of your customer base. Think about your average customer. What do you want to tell them about your business? What message will send them running through your door? Once you figure that out, then you just need to setup your campaign. Determine how to entice your customers to sign-up. Also, make sure you give them an easy way to unsubscribe if they change their mind.

I hope that these few suggestions help you use text messaging to promote your business, and I look forward to providing you more tips to help build your online business.