The External Energy Balancing (Wei Qi Zhi Liao) Wei Qi Gong as taught by Professor Duan, Zhiliang. Complete Instructions.

year old energy balancing technique previously reserved to the Imperial Families of ancient China revealed, described in detail. Personal transmission of technique given to author by one of China’s “Living Treasures” Ninety-Something Professor Duan Zhiliang. It has never been taught anywhere else in the US by Professor. This technique “energy balancing” can be used to assist in the reilef of stress, in pain management, or simply to induce a deeply relaxed state for a partner.

In October of 2001, Professor Duan Zhiliang visited Starfarm for 2 days, as part of a US tour to promote Chinese Healing and Martial Arts. Professor Duan is a 90 something, nearing 100 year old Qi Gong Master, who carries his experience from inside the Forbidden City Walls into the information age of the 21st century. He is one of Chinas Living Treasures.

Duan began training at age six in the martial and healing arts as the son of a long line of men who served the emperors of the Ming & Qing Dynasties as body guards and doctors. Duan himself claims to have served Pu Yi, the last emperor (which if true, would have been after the rise of the republican period). He continues his medical practice in Beijing, operating 2 clinics, where he and his wife Tian, also a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor daily treat patients with a combination of Herbal remedies, Acupuncture, Tui Na, and Qi Gong. From personal experience with him, I can say that Professor Duan is also a very able adversary in the martial arts, and practices daily with the joy and exuberance of a child at play.

Professor Duan was asked to observe a Usui Reiki healing session, and shown the basic hand position chart in order to help him understand the question that began the whole process: How is Rei Ki like or unlike Wei Qi Zhi Liao (external qi healing)?

His response to the proposition was thoughtful and thorough, but his bias was clear. After his observation of the Reiki application, Duan remarked that the technique was too generalized, that each and every patient required a different application, based on their unique body, and condition. He told us that some patients would require several days of herbal medicine prior to a treatment with energy because they were too weak. Duan said that the …application of energy for healing should follow a balancing of energy, and that …most of the unbalanced energy would be found in the head of the patient Professor then began a demonstration of a special (his word) technique for drawing excess energy down from the head, and balancing the whole body. It is simple and profound. I call it Wei Qi Gong.

Your partner should be made comfortable lying on the back. Brace their knees and neck with pillow or rolled towel to support these areas as needed. If lying on the back creates discomfort, your partner can lie on one side and then the other as you work the lines of touch. You may find it easier to have your partner lie into a soft chair, one side, then the other.