Tips to Help you Drive Safe in the Winter

The winter season can be jolly, filled with bright Christmas lights on houses, manger scenes, Santa stuck on the roof and what have you. But sometimes other joys come into play as well, like the joy of making sure your car wont fail you on the icy streets, the joy of driving to the side of the road and putting chains on your car, and the joy of driving with those who have completely forgotten how to drive when any change of weather appears. These tips will help you keep you and your vehicle jolly during the winter season:

1)Check your windshield washer fluid. If you have anything besides washer fluid in your reservoir, it will freeze. Make sure you have plenty of washer fluid as you will be using plenty to make sure you can see through your windshield

2)Replace your wipers. In areas that have snowfall, you will be driving through that soupy muck thats left on the road thanks to the highway department and you will need working wipers to keep your windshield clean and safe.

3)Inspect your tires. Tires are the one thing that could help you from running into that mountain, tree, or scared deer. Now is not the time to get cheap about your tires, especially if you deal with harsh winter weather in your area. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board says you need at least 2/32″ of depth to be safe. Be sure to check the tire pressure of your vehicle, as they lose pressure when it gets cold.

4)Check your anti-freeze. Your car contains a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Make sure the level is full and the mixture is close to 50/50. Many service stations and repair centers will check this mixture free, or you can buy a tester for around $5.

5)Inspect your brakes. Like tires, its not smart to get thrifty when it comes to your brakes. Be sure they are in top shape to get you through the season.

Its always beneficial to know how you can be cautious and prepared when it comes to you and your vehicles well being during the winter season. Being aware of it now and taking precautionary measures could save you thousands in the future. To get quality maintenance on your vehicle with friendly and highly experienced technicians, visit Nissan of St. Charles today.