Why Toyota Avanza Bestsellers

Looking for first car is like looking for a life partner. You must know the quality. In the car last criterion can be described as brand, price up to the network after sales sevice it. So.. like what is the detail of these criteria?

For your first car, choose a car that has a price to suit your pocket, for the entry level, we recommend the 4×2 low, such as the Toyota Avanza is the right choice. Why?
Toyota Avanza affordable price with features that are quite complete. In addition to VVT-i engine that stubborn, stylish design and a large cabin space, Avanza is also equipped with power windows, power door locks and air conditioner. It would be better if the car brand you choose has a network of funding institutions, it is easier for you to get credit financing institutions.

When buying a car, of course we also must think about the cost of care of the car. Avanza also be the most suitable car for your first car, the Toyota Through regular service every multiple of 10.000 km and also free service costs up to 50,000 km, making the cost of Toyota Avanza care is very affordable.

What about fuel consumption? Despite having a fairly large dimensions, with VVT-i engine, Avanza has a very efficient fuel consumption, matched with first-entry pockets buyer.

Sales service becomes a very important thing, where you as someone who just has a car needs to learn a lot and do not want to be bothered. Let’s look again Toyota, with a clear periodic service programs each multiple of 10,000 km makes Toyota owners, especially first time users of the car has its own serenity. How could I not, with the ease and low cost service that no longer make a fuss consumers. Especially with the service workshops spread throughout Indonesia, you do not have to worry about prior to performing services outside the city.

Along with economic development, perhaps you will sell it back the first car in the future?

Look for cars with big brand name, this will certainly push up the selling price of the car. In addition to quality that is guaranteed of course because many devotees. Toyota Avanza and it has a truly magical price, sale price of Toyota Avanza 2006 in the market is now more expensive a few million of the purchase price. Buying a Toyota Avanza become an investment of your money.

Toyota Avanza become the biggest-selling car immovable for three consecutive years, 2006, 2007 and 2008, beating nearest rivals, Nissan Grand Livina, Daihatsu Xenia, even Toyota Kijang Innova, according to data from the Motor Vehicle Industry Association of Indonesia (Gaikindo). Why Avanza so phenomenal in the eyes of consumers?

Avanza appreciated by the public because it is very suitable as a first car, the quality is excellent, fuel efficient, the price was affordable, and after sales network of Toyota’s strong throughout Indonesia. And another thing, the value of selling the product this one is quite high.

Because some of these advantages, Avanza rising directly into best-selling car in Indonesia. Status of family cars are attached to the Toyota Avanza MPV seven passengers make selling like hotcakes. Even up to age nearly five years to date sales reached 270 thousand units more.

Since first introduced in 2004, Avanza unshakable rule the market, not only in class but also the best-selling cars in Indonesia in recent years. Recognition of the quality of products and services can also be seen from the various awards received, both from media and independent pollsters.

Under conditions in crisis or when fuel prices are rising, demand for Avanza was not disturbed, even customers willing to wait at least 2-3 months to get it. This shows the credibility of the Toyota Avanza which for nearly 5 years of its appearance more and more accepted by society very well. This is also the lead Avanza get a lot of awards from various automotive media in Indonesia.

The superiority of Avanza can also be traced from the used car market. “Every day there is a search for Avanza resale.”, Explained one of the used car showroom owners. Not surprisingly, the Avanza is the most liquid vehicle if a sudden need of funds.

Avanza is phenomenal. New Avanza even selling price is higher than the current mark the purchase price. This is because Avanza fits with the character of Indonesia. In addition, the Avanza is also easy maintenance, efficient, load a lot and have a Toyota brand.

In addition, PT. Toyota Astra Motor also allows users with a regular service program each multiple of 10,000 km to keep the vehicle still excellent and powerful.

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